Best Omelet Makers

Can’t seem to create the perfect omelet every morning, no matter how hard you try? Stop using frying pans that give you nothing but disappointment. Get your hands on one of our best omelet makers to start creating your real, go-to breakfast.

Progressive Omelet Maker

Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwavable Omelet Maker

Unsatisfied with creating an omelet that’s just for you? Let Progressive Prep Solutions Microwaveable Omelet Maker help you create something that the rest of your family can also enjoy.

This omelet maker can accommodate a maximum number of four eggs to help you produce bigger and better omelets, for you and the rest of your bunch. It not only makes you both full but also ensures that what you’re eating is safe because it doesn’t have any BPA component.

This 4.8-ounce product’s dishwasher-friendly which makes cleaning it hassle-free. Choose between one and two-piece packs.

George Foreman Omelet Maker

Does your frying pan ruin your omelet because it sticks to it? With George Foreman GFP84OP Evolve Grill Omelet and Snack Plate Set, you’ll never deal with the same problem again.

This omelet maker has a non-stick feature to prevent your omelet from clinging to it, so your omelet stays fresh and neat-looking, during serving time. Moreover, if you’re in a hurry, it makes producing three, separate omelets at once, possible.

Since this 3.5-pound product’s non-stick, it doesn’t leave egg residues for easy and fast cleaning. It lets you create the perfect omelet even without butter and oil, too.

Sylvania Omelet Maker

Do you still use gloves when transferring your omelet from the frying pan to a plate because of extreme heat? Ditch the gloves now with Sylvania SW-086 Non-Stick Omelet Maker.

This omelet maker not only prevents your omelet from clinging to it but also protects your hands against sudden burns, with its cool touch casing. Because of this, you can surely carry it, even with your bare hands.

This 3.5-pound product properly cooks your omelet, just the way you like it as well. It’s safe to use because it has passed the electrical safety standards.

What to Look For

Starting your day with a filling breakfast like an omelet should be enough to get you fully charged for the tasks ahead. Make sure that you don’t spoil its important purpose by choosing the right omelet maker, with the following pointers in mind.

  • Cooking Capacity – If you’re the type of person who prefers creating more than a single omelet in a snap, there are omelet makers out there that allow you to create three to four separate omelet pieces at the same time, while they also give you the authority to add a creative touch to each piece.
  • Non Stick – An omelet maker that has a non-stick feature is very valuable because it has a lot of perks including but not limited to; reducing your cleaning time, preventing your omelet from turning into a heap of mess, and minimizing your cooking costs.
  • Cool Touch Handles – There are also omelet makers that have cool touch handles which let you conveniently carry them, even if their food content’s hot. Going for such products not only eliminates your need to use gloves but also relieves your mind from the scary thought of accidental burns.


Buying a useful omelet maker in regard to its properties such as; cooking capacity, non-stick, and cool touch handles, lets you safely prepare yummy and satisfying omelets, for you and your family.

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