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Our health is one of the things that we should prioritize. In all honesty, I would really admit that it is not easy to take care of our self. However, if we are really dedicated to it aside from turning it into a habit it would turn into a routine. There are many ways that a person can take care of themselves. For example, you can eat healthy food, have a healthy diet, and you can also exercise. None of those 3 is easy to do but if you are determined enough then surely it can be achieved.

Not everyone does exercise consistently But there are also others who are working even more harder and extremely than just like the usual exercise. This can be athletes, gym instructions, Or just those who are aggressively wanting to achieve their goal to build up their body.

Whomever you may be among those, I’m sure that you recognize the importance of a healthy and physical lifestyle. This is where an Olympic bench become such a great help. So in here, we made a list of the best. Here’s top five of the Olympic benches that you can get:

Marcy Competitor Olympic Bench

Marcy Pro CB-729 – Competitor Olympic Weight Bench

Since this Olympic bench is an all-in-one complete item that you need I assure you that it has a lot of features. To start with the product measures 46 inches by 17 inches and 18 inches and it weighs 62 lbs. Needless to say it is very solid and sturdy. Despite of that I would still say that it is perfect for just anywhere you would like to put it for example, in your own home or maybe your personal gym, etc.

To start with I can really say that the upholstery of this that is very impressive because it is very sturdy and the density is on its maximum, therefore, it can also hold maximum weight. Then this bench can also be position in multiple types or ways that’s why the back pain can be adjusted depending on your workout or routine. You can actually even configure it depending on what you are trying to build up like the chest the military decline and incline lifting positions.
It is made of pads that are as fake as two inches so that you can exercise in a comfortable way. Plus it can actually lessen tiredness or strain in your muscle because it is designed to support your body. I guess I would really guarantee that this Olympic Bench is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

With this bench coming in the color of black it may seem simple but it’s actually also really impressive. To start with it measures 80 inches by 60 inches by 47.5 inches in accordance with its weight height and diameter. And I would really suggest Olympic bench is ideal if you are working on a total or whole body build up. For example, you can use it for working on your legs going up your chest shoulders and even your biceps.

It actually can also fit olympic plates in the leg developing mechanism comes in double function because it has or it can be adjusted into a locking or a pivot point. By the way, the seat and the back pad comes with an additional slide track so that it corrects or encourages proper posture. This one is actually also easily adjusted.
And then the curl bar and pad is also adjustable so that you can use it for squatting station like reverse walk in for example. This bank was designed to keep your workout to be done properly and safely. Last name you can put it into 5 back pad styles. These positions are declined or inclined in the end flat or upright. I think this item is just ideal and dreaming. It is absolutely worth the price.

Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench

This Olympic bench is the definition of comfortable usage but efficiency. It is constructed out of steel vinyl foam and rubber. Put all of those together and I am quite sure it would result into something durable and convenient for usage.

This item was specifically designed to be versatile so that you can improve and build up your whole body which means that is both upper and lower body. The vent has a padding made of foam in venue which makes it very comfortable to sit on and dress your back. But of course it’s not just made for rest because it’s simply improves your workout experience.
It is also adjustable so that you can fix or arrange to hide of barbell crutches. This is something that I am very much thankful for because I can access it very easily. Aside from that it also includes a squat rack which is actually separated but it’s something that you can use to do walk-ins and lunge exercises. I guess I would just say that this Olympic bench is well constructed and it would give you how very well experience with your routines and workouts too.

Phoenix 99226 Power Pro Olympic Bench

This Olympic bench comes in a complete size and it includes a lot Tower leg lifts and a preacher curl that is attached with it. Aside from that it also has a squat rack which is designed to be built in along the rear. Isn’t that quite impressive? Don’t worry there’s a whole lot more to come about this item.

Aside from the whole Olympic bench itself it also has 3 Olympic weight plate adapters and then it also has set of spring clip. This bench can also be changed into flat position or decline and incline position.
It has a dimension of 88 inches by 83 inches in by 60 inches. If you are curious about it’s Wade and actually specifically measures 142 lb. It looks great and it’s actually very contemporary but clean and simple. Even just by the looks of it I guess we could say that it seems expensive. I’m sure that the cost of this item is the same and equal to it value in efficiency.

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl, Leg Developer and Crunch Handle

Despite coming in last along the list I think it’s safe to say that we can consider this Olympic bench as a champ! I need with everything that this item can do and can provide I almost wouldn’t know where to start. Its weight is only 78.5 and it’s almost as if this one is lighter than the others. It has a dimension of 76 inches by 56 inches and 55 inches.

I guess I would start it with how safe and secure it is to use because it has a built-in hook for safety measures and it has a specific no pinch design. This design was meant to stop any possibilities of hand or grip injuries. I think this could be very idea for the beginners because it is safer to use.
Another big plus for this are the accessories that are inclusive of the item for example it has with it an arm curl bar an Olympic plate adapter a preacher curl pad an ab crunch with foam grip attach handles and even a spring clip for leg developer. It is very adjustable just like it’s foam rollers which is perfect for exercising leg curls or extensions. I just really actually don’t have much to say because this item has got more than enough to offer so I would definitely recommend for you to check this one out.

What to Look For

There are a lot of things that you can consider and look for if your trying to get an Olympic bench. But instead we did our best to compress all of those and just try to be the really really important notes and keys to remember. In our opinion this are the things that you have to look for when you are getting an Olympic bench.

I would like to start off by saying that the most important thing in getting an Olympic bench is the design of it. This is not a concern related with how it looks like or if it is actually well looking. Instead I am concerned with the design because it could determine how comfortable it would be to use. For example economical design Olympic Ventures might be more advantageous and comfortable to use for anyone since it has been designed specifically to work well with a human anatomy. If you are very particular when it comes to this then this is definitely the first thing that you have to see.

Next thing would be the size of the Olympic bench itself. I believe that it is not very much often that you would buy the wrong size when you are getting an Olympic bench. However there are a few of us who might be needing more height more with or maybe something more Compact and smaller than the usual. If ever you are someone who is taller than the average or maybe smaller than the average then it would be good to consider something with a bit of more size high or just a bit more of a mention in the item or do Olympic bench that you’re trying to get.

The last thing that comes into my mind in considering when looking for an Olympic bench is the material. I would actually honestly say that none of these three are least important than the others. You see when you get the check the material you will also be able to determine how sturdy an item is. Metal for example is a lot way more stronger than most common materials. But it does not end there because you also have to check if the metal is aluminum or any other kind. It would also be beneficial if you get the check and ensure that the bench is stainless. Surely this would mean that your Olympic bench will last longer.


As mentioned above there also things that you have to look for if your getting the most out of the Olympic bench that you are going to get. All of the details and features of each item has been has been listed in each of the reviews so I’m certain that it would be easier to check for you.

I would also say that comparison can be a good thing if you want the best out of the top five. Aside from that if you put all of the keys that you have to look for I’m sure that getting the Olympic bench that you need would be a piece of cake. Hopefully this article was able to provide you the details that you are looking for an item that you are definitely wanting.

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