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In lifting weights, you need to use the best tools. In order for you to lift the weights effectively, you need to use a well-designed Olympic bar that has a high weight capacity. With frequent training and exercise, you can surprise yourself with the amount of weight that you can carry. Weightlifting is an interesting sport. It takes a lot of dedication to achieve in this field. Your whole body works in order to effectively lift the weight that you’re aiming for. You can improve your performance when you dedicate yourself to the sport.

CAP Barbell Olympic Bar

CAP Barbell OB-86B Olympic Bar (Original, 7 inches)

The first product on our list is the best-selling one so far. This one is highly recommended even by professional weight lifters. This can actually bear the weight of 1200 pound maximum which is a lot. This is quite long too and the quality of the bar itself is quite high. This is made of the strongest stainless steel. With its amazing black oxide finish, it makes it easy for you to grip the bar when you lift weights. It even has this polished steel sleeves that can secure the weights on both ends of the Olympic bar. You can increase the weight that you wanted to challenge yourself with.

The price of this product is very reasonable since it’s high in quality and well-made. It even has a medium-depth kind of diamond knurl that you don’t usually see in other products. If you’ve done your research you can determine that this product is one of the best there is. When you test it on the floor and let it roll you can determine that it’s not bent or wrapped, unlike other Olympic bars. The end sleeves allow you to have adequate spin when you lift the weight which is awesome.

Body Solid Olympic Bar

This is another highly rated and highly recommended Olympic bar that we found in the market. This is also 7 feet long just like the CAP Barbell Olympic Bar. You can choose between the black finish or the chrome finish, but either of them are so beautiful and cool so you’ll have a hard time choosing which one is better to use. The quality is the same, though, so there’s no contest when it comes to that. This has a 30 mm Dia that makes it easy to grip even when you lift heavy weights. Unlike the CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, this only has a 600-pound weight capacity. But if you’re okay with that then this is perfect for you.

There are power lifters who prefer to use this type of Olympic bar. This one has a thicker bar diameter in comparison to other expensive Olympic bars and you can notice that immediately. There are people who find this pleasantly surprising and they love this product all the more. The coarser gnarling of this product makes it even more amazing. Some products aren’t easy to grip and makes it harder to lift your weight, unlike this one.

CAP Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar

This is another amazing product by CAP, but unlike the first product on this list, this one has a noticeable knurled hand grips. In order to decrease the strain on the wrist when lifting heavy weights, some people use a knurled Olympic bar like this one. The unique design of this Olympic bar actually allows your hands to maintain its natural position so you don’t add too much strain on your wrist and hands when lifting weights. The revolving sleeves also lessen the burden of the joints on your wrist.

The price is very affordable compared to the other products which are amazing. This is a high-quality equipment but you can get it at such a low price. It’s made of solid steel which has a chrome finish. It even has some ring collars for you to use. If you’re fond of lifting weights then you’ll surely love the quality and balance of this product. You can do your triceps and biceps exercise with this Olympic bar with comfort and ease. No wonder a lot of people recommend this product. It’s affordable and gives a good performance. For a home gym equipment, this is a great find.


You can use the best Olympic bar in order to challenge your capacity when it comes to weightlifting. Whether you wanted a gym-quality Olympic bar or you wanted one that you can use at home for further weight lifting training, make sure you use a high-quality one. It should be able to carry heavy weight. When you lift weights, you should be able to grip the bar well. You can prevent hurting your wrist when you lift heavy weights by using one with sleeves that can roll with ease to guide your wrist the natural way when lifting.

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