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Audio listening technology continues to evolve with each passing day as more functionalities and designs are introduced into the market. Today, many individuals prefer a neckband headphone as it offers better stability when moving around as compared to wearing the traditional earphones that can easily get snagged in corners. If you’re still wearing the free earphones that come with the purchase of your smartphone, then consider getting an upgrade by buying a good pair of neckband headphones.

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones

The audio world is heavily dominated by brands like Sony and Sennheiser, and perhaps you might not have heard of Mpow just yet. However, just because you haven’t heard of the Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones that you should completely disregard it. This neckband headphone makes use of a built-in magnet that attracts the earpieces whenever they’re not in use. It even takes advantage of a noise canceling technology, and you can listen to your favorite tunes wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

Sony MDR-G45LP Street Style Neckband Headphones

When you talk about technology, the Sony brand is sure to pop up in one conversation or another. For audio-listening devices, you might want to check out the Sony MDR-G45LP Street Style Neckband Headphones if you’re into the brand’s products. This neckband headphone has a single-sided cord that won’t get in the way for outdoor usage, and it offers a high-quality sound performance.

LEOPHILE EEL Wireless Neckband Headphones

The primary characteristic of the LEOPHILE EEL Wireless Neckband Headphones that immediately sets it apart from the many neckband headphones on the market is not its amazing sound quality, but its IP67 water and sweat proof construction. Hence, you can wear it while you’re wakeboarding in the ocean, or perhaps while you’re sweating it out at the gym.

What to Look For?

Take note that the choice of neckband headphone says a lot about your lifestyle and personal preferences. Some people like to purchase different styles and variants of neckband headphones, but many individuals like to stick to one pair primarily because it’s the cheaper way to go than buying a ton of audio listening devices. As such, when selecting a pair of neckband headphones on the market, think about your budget restrictions and limitations.

However, high-end neckband headphones will usually come with better features, stronger durability levels, and better audio quality than their lower-end counterparts. Hence, if you’re really serious about listening to high-quality audio, then prepare yourself to spend more than next week’s salary if you’re planning to go this route.

While we’re on the topic of the price of neckband headphones, some high-end variants will have a noise canceling functionality. If it does, then you can listen to your favorite tunes without most of the pesky background noise of the outside world.

Aside from the price, consider the primary use for the neckband headphone. Contrary to popular belief, headphones aren’t just for listening to music. Some neckband headphones on the market are for calls, watching movies, or playing video games. The headphone you choose should be fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements. When you purchase an audio listening device, serious audiophiles will know the difference in quality for devices meant for gaming and for music listening.

You should also think about the design of the neckband headphone, because, let’s face it, you’re going to use it a lot. The earpieces found in some neckband headphone models might have a feature wherein they can fold to offer a compact package for easy travel. Also, some headphone brands offer interested buyers options regarding color whereas some brand names will only offer one look for a specific model number.

Lastly, check the durability of the device before purchasing. You don’t want to get a neckband headphone that’ll immediately break after just a few weeks of use. Look for a unit that’ll guarantee you at least a couple of years of use, especially if you’re going to pay a pretty penny to make it yours.


When looking for the best neckband headphone, do consider the design, durability, cost, and, most importantly, the sound quality of the unit before finalizing the purchase. You’re going to use the pair of headphones for a good long while, so you need to assure yourself that the device will give you excellent value for money.

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