Best Natural Light Floor Lamp

What is a natural light floor lamp? Well, think about this scenario – perhaps you want to back in the glory of the sun’s beautiful warm glow but you know you can’t control that as the moon’s about to come up to the sky. A natural light lamp will help you take advantage of that beautiful shine no matter what time of day you want it to work. Perhaps you want to make your backyard look like it’s midday even though it’s already 3 AM. Some models will even let users take advantage of a full spectrum of colors to go with any occasion. Look further down this post to check out ideal examples of natural light floor lamps.

Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

If you’re having a tough time in looking at your favorite hobbies in the dark, then the Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp is the right natural light floor lamp for you. It can brighten up any area of your home with 6,000K cool white LED. It’s a highly useful lighting fixture for arts and crafts, sewing, reading, wood working, and any other indoor hobby that you might be thinking about right now.

Lavish Home (72-0820) Floor Lamp

The Lavish Home (72-0820) Floor Lamp has a flexible goose neck that you can adjust to get a clearer and brighter look at your hobbies. The color temperature of the floor lamp is 6,500K with a brightness rating of 1,300 lumens. Its dimensions are 9-inches in its depth, 55-inches in its height, and 10-inches in its width.

Adesso 4099-15 Gyoza Floorchiere Floor Lamp

Add a chic and modern style to any home with the Adesso 4099-15 Gyoza Floorchiere Floor Lamp. It has a foot step switch to make turning the device on and off an easy task to deal with. It also has a collapsible white rice paper shape to add a natural effect to the lighting in any room.

What to Look For?

When buying a natural light floor lamp, you should first think about the full spectrum index (FSI). What is the FSI? It’s an index that provides an analysis of the peaks and troughs given off by the lighting fixture. The average figure reading found on your chosen unit will be its score. A low score will be the best choice as it’ll have an even distribution of wavelengths. Hence, it’ll give you the right amount of light and heat for your needs.

After looking at the FSI figure, you should then turn your attention to the approximate lumens given off by the natural light floor lamp. Lumens is the level of brightness of the lighting fixture, and the higher the figure shown in the reading, the brighter the lamp. Many natural light lamps will give interested buyers options ranging from 2,000 to 2,500 lumens.

Next, check the energy efficiency handled by the unit. You don’t want to waste a lot of electricity when using the floor lamp, so getting a product that can give off a bright light while being energy efficient at the same time is essential to getting excellent value for money.

In the context of money, natural light floor lamps might be an expensive investment, but you needn’t blow your entire budget in getting one unit. Choose the right model that won’t hurt your bank account too much but it should still give you great features and long life in return.


Natural light floor lamps might be pretty expensive in comparison to ordinary light bulbs. Yes, these lighting fixtures can be an investment, but it’ll help you save money in the long run. Many of these lighting fixtures are so bright that it can properly illuminate a small home with it alone. Furthermore, it uses up less energy than most regular light bulbs on the market, so that, in itself, is already a good thing.

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