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Many PC gamers don’t even know about the existence of a mouse bungee. However, once you immerse yourself into playing your favorite PC games, you’d want to upgrade your system for the better. The mouse bungee is a device that’ll help you achieve more action out of your gaming experience without the hassles of dealing with the mouse’s cable. Many PC gamers know that the cable can cost them the game if it accidentally gets tugged. Mouse bungees also help in enabling more precise clicks, so you don’t miss that shot when you’re playing FPS titles.

MECO(TM) Mouse Bungee Holder

The MECO(TM) Mouse Bungee Holder has a plastic and metal construction, and it’s very flexible since it can work with any corded computer mouse. Say goodbye to long winding wires when you make use of this product. This device is designed to address the problems of corded computer mice, and it’s the ideal companion when playing first-person shooter (FPS) games. It doesn’t have an adhesive base, but it’s weighty enough to avoid moving or jiggling around as you play.

Mouse Bungee by ENHANCE

The Mouse Bungee by ENHANCE is available on the market in three different colors, them being black and green, black and blue, and black and red. The trait that makes this mouse bungee unique is its 4-port active USB 2.0 hub. It also comes with vibrant LED accents and non-slip pads. Significantly improve your gaming experience with this unit.

AOBOR Generic Mouse Bungee Mouse Holder

The AOBOR Generic Mouse Bungee Mouse Holder might not look like a winner, but its simplicity is what makes it ideal for any PC gamer who’s on a tight budget. This mouse bungee has a plastic and metal construction, and it can work with any mouse with a cord.

What to Look For?

Manufacturers design mouse bungees to be reasonably simple, so there’s not much to look at regarding their designs. However, it doesn’t mean that you should randomly pick up any mouse bungee found on a store shelf. Know that there are still a few things to consider before making that purchase.

First of all, consider the stability that the device brings to the table, or, in this case, your computer workstation. A mouse bungee will generally have an anchor for the mouse cable, and it should remain stable as much as possible while you’re using your gaming mouse. There are two ways to go about this ordeal: (1) buy a model that’s heavy enough, or (2) stick the unit to the desk or table.

Many inexpensive mouse bungee models on the market will have a sticky base, and these variants will suit the needs of most people. However, if you have an expensive wooden desk, then applying adhesive residue on it isn’t recommended.

Heavy mouse bungee models, on the other hand, tend to be the more expensive units as compared to the ones with an adhesive base. However, these variants won’t leave marks, so your expensive computer workstation remains as clean and as pristine as possible.

You might also want to look at some mouse bungees that have extra features. For instance, some variants will have additional USB ports found on its base, and this might be useful if you have quite the number of USB peripherals at your disposal.


Despite their simple demeanor, different mouse bungees call for varying pros and cons. Don’t just look at their designs when looking at the various models on the market. Instead, consider the features, quality, cost, and durability of the mouse bungee before purchasing it so you won’t have any regrets once the purchase is done.

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