Best Moroccan Cookbook

Moroccan cuisine is a unique mixture of different cultures. This is because Morocco was hugely influenced by different cultures due to geography as well as due to a historical convergence of different ethnicities. You’ll find different dishes in a reliable Moroccan cookbook a mixture of Mediterranean, Arabic, Berber and even some Andalusian influences. You’ll also find some European and some Subsaharan touches into the Moroccan dishes. If you wanted to try making your own Moroccan dishes, you need to use the best Moroccan cookbook as a reference. Here are some of the best ones sold on the market to date.

Tagines and Couscous: Delicious recipes for Moroccan one-pot cooking

The most popular Moroccan cookbook that you’ll see on the market is this well-written cookbook by Ghillie Basan. You can have delicious one-pot meals that are flavored with amazing spices which are the style of Morocco. With this, you can make the softest meat dishes out there that are infused with the most luxurious spices. You can try to make traditional Moroccan dishes even if you’re not a professional chef. You’ll also find some unconventional fusions here that are going to surprise your palate in a good way. There are also fresh salad dishes here which will awaken your senses.

Tagine: Spicy Stews from Morocco Hardcover

Another best-selling Moroccan cookbook that you can check out is this one. This is also a reliable cookbook by Ghillie Basan. Although this is an old edition you can still find some interesting Moroccan dishes here that’s going to excite your palate and your tummy. The dishes here are also flavored well with spices. Even the simplest fruit and vegetables are elevated into elegant and amazing dishes. The use of tagine, which is a Moroccan cooking vessel, is the center of the dishes found here. You can also find vegetarian Moroccan dishes here which are healthy and delicious.

The Food of Morocco

If you wanted to use one of the latest editions of Moroccan cookbooks out there then you might want to check this cookbook out. This is a highly recommended cookbook by Paula Wolfert. When it comes to cooking Moroccan dishes, you can rely on Paula to provide you with all the tricks in achieving that authentic Moroccan dish straight from the lands of Morocco. You can find traditional Morocco recipes here presented in a modern way. You can still enjoy the sumptuous tastes of Morocco and the exhilarating spices of the land all in each dishes that you find here.


You can make your very own authentic Moroccan dishes at home with the best Moroccan cookbook as your guide. Even if you’re not a professional chef and even if you have no previous experience cooking a Moroccan dish, you can still produce an amazing Moroccan meal when you have a Moroccan cookbook as a reference. Choosing a tried and tested Moroccan cookbook that can help you achieve that amazing Moroccan dish is important. It’s important to have access to different types of recipes that you can try out.

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