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We all want to prevent molds from forming, especially in our homes. That’s why with moisture meters, we can easily detect water and moisture build up and effectively prevent hazardous and unsafe living conditions. One great feature of moisture meters is that you don’t have to break down any walls or destroy any part of your house just to check for moisture or water build up.

These can also be useful for knowing if the plant’s soil is still moist or not. For it’s multi-purpose features, you’re surely going to need one ASAP. The list below shows the best moisture meters that are already available in the market.

General Tools MMD7NP Moisture Meter

This moisture detector from General Tools has a lot of different features that make its expensive price worth it. It’s non-invasive and non-marring making it ideal for use even at home. Checking won’t be such a hassle with this meter.

With this digital moisture meter, you don’t have to break down any wall just check behind it. This meter is great for different kinds of materials such as hardwoods, softwoods, masonry, and drywall. You don’t need to calibrate this every now and then because it’s auto-calibrating. It has a 2-inch diagonal backlit LCD and a 3-color LED graph. It has a smart Bluetooth function that easily saves up your data to the app that this company has. You won’t have to strain yourself reading the values because it has high-visibility.

General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter

Another great digital moisture meter from General Tools is this different model. Its design is different from the previous one, and this one’s definitely cheaper but still competent.

This digital meter is ergonomically designed to fit conveniently in your hands when you’re checking. It has an easy-to-read LCD display that won’t give you a hard time when reading. It’s designed with a wide and precise measuring range that will make it even easier to use. This is great for wood, concrete, and subflooring. It’s one of the best hand tools out there and will save you the hassle of manually checking. You can also use this as a water leak detector or any other water damage detector. For being multi-purpose, the price is worth it.

Dr. Meter Moisture Sensor

This moisture meter from Dr. Meter is one of the cheapest out there but will definitely compete with its expensive opponents. You don’t need batteries or electricity for this, you just need to plug and read.

This moisture meter’s unlike the previous meters because it isn’t digital. Unlike digital ones, you don’t need to constantly change the batteries or charge it. You can just simply plug it and read the moisture levels. This is most useful for soils since you can easily check if you need to water it or not. The levels include ten scales that will tell you how moist the wall or the ground is. It has a color coded reading system that changes from red to green to blue. It’s not only great for indoor use but also for out door use.

What to look for

Not all moisture meters are effective. With different designs types, you’re bound to struggle to find one that will be suitable for you. That’s why you need to look for a moisture meter that’s going to pass the criteria below:

  • Material – the material used must be hard-wearing and can withstand constant use, especially for commercial use.
  • Design – the design of the moisture meter must be suitable and convenient to hold with your hand for longer periods of time. The ergonomic design will be useful, especially for commercial use.
  • Display – the display should be large enough to be easy to read. Whether it’s on a digital or traditional moisture meter, one person should be able to easily interpret the reading.


For convenience, one should get moisture meters that will be of big help when the time comes. No need to break down walls or destroy vital parts of the house. With this kind of advancement in technology, one can easily avoid problems and hazards with just one device. This tool will definitely help a lot to save you all the cost and hassle.

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