Best Moisture Absorbers

Is stuffy odor beginning to accumulate in your bedroom? What if you can’t seem to shrug off that itchy feeling because you noticed that molds have developed on one of your favorite shirts? Get rid of foul smell and bacteria by reducing dampness with our best moisture absorbers.

Eva-Dry Moisture Absorber

Need a moisture absorber that immediately alerts you, if it has reached its absorption limit? Go for Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier.

Unlike others of its similar kind that uses light to determine limit, this moisture absorber uses color-changing beads to tell you a specific purpose; green for ready to use and orange for limit capacity reached. You may use it for a maximum of 10 years.

This 1.2-pound product measures 9 inches long, 8.3 inches wide, and 2.8 inches thick. It also removes bacteria like molds and mildews to prevent diseases and infections.

DampRid Moisture Absorber

Need a closet deodorizer to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh? Turn to DampRid FG83LV Hanging Moisture Absorber With Lavender And Vanilla Scent.

This moisture absorber takes away nasty odors on your clothes and leaves an invigorating lavender, and vanilla aroma, to make them smell as if they’re newly-laundered. It also provides a shiny effect on your clothes for that sparkling appearance.

This 1.2-pound product measures 9.5 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 3.7 inches thick. Its usefulness has a 60-day duration. You may dispose it afterwards. It comes in a three-piece pack.

DRY&DRY Moisture Absorber

Need a moisture absorber that won’t compromise food and medicine quality? Expect it when you buy DRY&DRY Premium Pure & Safe Desiccant Dehumidifier.

This moisture absorber is composed of a silica gel that effectively traps excess humidity and odors. It’s perfect for storage places or warehouses to keep food and medicines cool, without affecting their usefulness.

This 9.6-ounce product measures 7.8 inches long, 4.1 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. You may recharge it by putting it in the microwave oven for 7-12 minutes, under defrost condition. Choose from 14 variants.

What to Look For

Whether in your office, home, or any private facility, keeping moisture at a manageable level is necessary to prevent bacteria growth, that’s responsible for nasty odors and common diseases. To do this, you need to get a moisture absorber with consideration to the following pointers.

  • Lifespan – Always check a moisture absorber’s lifespan. There are some that could last for years but there are others that could only last for months, depending on the materials they’re made from. Doing this helps you avoid the danger of going beyond a moisture absorber’s extent, wherein it becomes useless.
  • Limit Indicator – Look closely at a moisture absorber’s limit indicator. Is it signaling a change in light color, or a change in bead color? Monitoring color variations on either of the two components, based on their given purposes, helps you prevent misusing and abusing your moisture absorber.
  • Disposable or Rechargeable – Are you after a moisture absorber that’s replaceable after a month, or that which’s capable of consecutive use through charging? Knowing how to restore your moisture absorber’s usefulness isn’t different from keeping it in good running condition.


When you get a moisture absorber by paying attention to its lifespan, limit indicator, and disposable or rechargeable components, you remove yourself and others in harm’s way.

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