Best Mezzaluna Knives

Spending a few more minutes in the kitchen because you’re having a hard time slicing your potatoes, or pissed off by your unevenly cut onions and garlic cloves? Make things easy for you this time with our best mezzaluna knives.

Amco Mezzaluna Knife

Can’t properly cut your vegetables because of their very thick skin? Get an Amco Stainless Steel Mezzaluna With Silicone Handle.

This mezzaluna knife has a sharp, beveled edge to help you easily cut vegetables like a professional chef, regardless of their skin’s thickness. How? You just swing it back and forth, and you’ll instantly have sliced veggies without sweating it all out.

This 6.1-ounce product measures 6.5 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches thick. It’s dishwasher-friendly, so you won’t have problems cleaning it. You may use it for chopping onions, garlic cloves, and other famous veggies.

HIC Harold Import Co. Mezzaluna Knife

Do you often lose grip when using your mezzaluna knife? Try HIC Harold Import Co. Mezzaluna Rocking Vegetable Chopper And Mincing Knife.

This mezzaluna knife consists of hardwood handles on both sides for a comfortable grip that helps you prevent slipping, or sliding, so you could cut your vegetables flawlessly. You may even use it to cut fruits and meat, to add on your salads and soups.

This 4.8-ounce, heavy-duty product measures 6.9 inches long, 5.8 inches wide, and 1.2 inches thick. Clean it through hand washing.

Nonpro Mezzaluna Knife

Do you sometimes accidentally cut yourself with your mezzaluna knife because its blade is exposed? With Nonpro Stainless Steel Mezzaluna Chopper, you won’t endure such a painful incident again.

This mezzaluna knife has a unique blade cover to protect your fingers from unexpected cuts, whether you’re about to use it, or you’re simply putting it away. This is a very good choice than other ordinary types, especially if you have playful kids at home.

This eight-ounce product measures 6.5 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. It also comes in one and two-piece packs.

What to Look For

With the many things that you have to do apart from preparing meals, you need to come up with a way on how to reduce time and energy consumption in the kitchen. One way to do so is getting the right mezzaluna knife, by inspecting its following parts:

  • Edges – Get a mezzaluna knife with edges that are strong enough to cut through a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. When you do, you don’t devote much of your time and effort on a single task. Translation? You won’t end up stressing yourself.
  • Handles – A mezzaluna knife with handles that improve grip’s very important, especially if you have a tendency to lose control over a blade, in between your chopping process. With it, you’ll no longer accidentally drop your mezzaluna knife and bother washing it, before using it again.
  • Cover – Check for any mezzaluna knife that comes with a cover, if you’re accident-prone in the kitchen. Remember, you don’t want to cut yourself in the middle of a meal preparation, where your food’s quality might be affected.


Purchasing the right mezzaluna knife with high regard for its specific edges, handles, and cover features, lets you prepare food fast and safe.

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