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Who would’ve known that there are a lot of uses for dice? This simple item is a staple when it comes to playing board games. One of the popular board game that uses a dice is the Snakes and Ladders. Many will be familiar with this game and know how crucial it is that you use an amazing and fair set of dice in order to win, as well as all the luck that you can get from the heavens. Other uses for dice is when you place card games. There are a lot of popular games that came forth years and years ago which has stuck into the hearts of kids and kids at heart. Most of them use some type of dice in the game.

Dice is made of different materials, but the most common one is in the form of some kind of plastic. For those who are hardcore players, they rely on metal dice. Not only is it more durable, but a well-made metal dice can ensure that you get a fair chance of rolling it each time. For some, dice has six faces with 6 numbers indicated on it and the shape is usually square. But for some games, different shapes with different sizes has surfaced. They have different designs and most of them are unique. You can get a set of dice at such an affordable price. There is even collector’s item type of metal dice sold in the market. Card and board games came out with different gimmicks in order to appeal their games and items more to the young age groups, and it has been a success so far. If you’re looking for the best metal dice in the market, here’s a list we’ve gathered for you.

Dwarven Metal Polyhedral Role Playing Dice 

The first product on our list is a highly rated one from Q-Workshop. This set of metal dice includes seven Dwarven metal dice which has some pretty cool designs. Each dice can roll pretty well and the weight and shape are distributed pretty fairly. This is a high-quality set of metal dice with such a beautiful finish to it. If you’re fond of playing Dungeons and Dragons then this set of metal dice will be a great addition to the game. This isn’t your ordinary square shaped dice. This is a polyhedral dice. The unique shape of this metal dice functions just like your typical square dice so don’t be alarmed by its look. When you accidentally lose one while playing a game, no need to fret. There are 5 pieces more in the set for you to use.

Instead of dots indicating the numbers of the dice, this set of metal dice has numbers that are elegantly and beautifully sketched on each side. You can clearly see what the numbers are and it looks so cool. Each metal dice are well-crafted and the overall quality of each dice is high. Your friends will surely gawk over this cool set of metal dice when you go out and play with them. If you’re one of those people who love the ominous side a thrown dice emits when it hit the surface of the table or floor, then you’ll surely love the dramatic sound this dice can bring to your game. It might be a little bit childish to say it, but adding drama and suspense to your game can be exciting. The price of this product is so reasonable, you can check it out if you’re interested.

Paladin Roleplaying Solid Metal Dice Set

Here’s another unique set of dice we found in the market, and it’s another highly rated one that has captured our attention. You might be interested in checking this product out as much as how excited we are to introduce this to you. This beautiful and elegant set of metal dice is made of durable and gorgeous metal that can last for a very long time. It’s crafted to perfection and a lot of people thought so too. It’s amazing how many people rave about how good this set of metal dice is. It has a beautiful finish and the solid metal makes it look even cooler. You’ll be the envy of your group when you brandish this metal dice while playing a game.

Six out of seven metal dice in this set has a unique polyhedral shape that’s so unique and interesting to use. It can get a little bit boring to use a typical dice. This metal dice set comes in a pretty container made of steel. It’s a perfect gift for someone who’ll surely love the use of a well-made set of metal dice, or you can just purchase this for personal use. The insides of the container even have this soft cushion where your set of metal dice can be safely placed and protected from damage when not in use. The numberings on each face have numbers etched on it that’s easy to read. When you roll the dice, it can give you fair and easy results, each time. The price of this product is so reasonable too which is great.

Q-Workshop Celtic 3D Polyhedral Dice Set

The next product on our list is another metal dice set by Q-Workshop. Each set includes seven polyhedral shaped dice that has an intricate, Aztec-like design to it that’ll look good with your board games and card games. Ordering this online is super easy and fast. When it comes to performance, there are no untoward issues met by the people who were able to use this for themselves. A lot of people are actually in love with this metal dice. Not only is this a great addition to your cool board games and card games, it’s also aesthetically done while its performance is very good. It’s balanced well so you can be sure that you get a fair chance when you roll the dice each time.

Each number on the face of the metal dice are bold and easily seen. Even though it has an intricate design, you won’t have any problems reading the numbers on each face. This metal dice looks awesome. What you see is what you get. From the photos itself, it already looks so good. In reality, it looks even better. You can get your money’s worth with this product. When you roll it on the surface such as a table, it rolls beautifully which is crazy. You’ll have a much more enjoyable time with your friends and family playing games with the use of this amazing set of metal dice. You can check it out if you’re interested.

Q-Workshop Metall Steampunk Dice

Here’s another cool and well-made metal dice set that we found in the market. We’re more than happy to introduce this to you. You’ll never know, you might like this way more than the other products listed here. This is also a Polyhedral metal dice which is made by Q-Workshop but it has a different design that can suit your different hard-core game board games or card games. Each metal dice in the set are all hefty and well-balanced. When you hold it in your hands, you can feel and attest that it has a solid feel to it that you don’t usually get from other products. When you roll them, you can even feel how great this metal dice works. When you roll them, they might be a little too loud. That’s to be expected since this is made of metal.

Don’t be distracted by the loud sound it can make when you roll it on a metal surface. Amidst the loud laughter and cheers from the players of the board game or card game, the loud sound from this metal dice when rolled is music. Viewing the numbers on each face of this metal dice is super easy. It has large numbers on each side so you can easily read it. This is an awesome product that has a pretty cool design. You can have this as a great addition to your collection or you can have this as a gift for someone who’ll appreciate it. When it comes to the quality of this product, the engraving on each side seems to be well-done and won’t easily wear even after frequent use.

DnD DiceSingle Metal d20 Die 

The last product on our list doesn’t come in a set, unlike the other products we listed here. So far, this has garnered high ratings and good reviews from people who were able to use this so it’s an interesting product that you can check out. The price is so affordable for such a good quality and heavy duty metal dice that you can use for your games. This is made of standard metal measuring 20 mm which is great. It has a brushed finish that’s so beautiful. Rolling it is such great fun too. You can be sure that each time you throw this metal dice you get a fair result all the time which is an important thing in choosing your metal dice. The weight of this metal dice is good and its performance better.

When you grasp it in your hands, you can feel how strong and heavy this is which is a good thing. The numbers on each face are bold and easy to read. Unlike other metal dice, this one has some rounded edges. Your hands won’t feel any discomfort when you grasp a metal dice when using this product. Having them in your hands is very soothing. It has a nice weight to it that can be comforting. Its performance when you roll it is super amazing too. No wonder a lot of people highly recommend this product. Not only is this cool and beautiful, it functions really well too. Your games will never be the same with the addition of this amazing metal dice.


Playing your card game and board game won’t be the same when you use the best metal dice there is. There are a lot of good-quality ones in the market. Choose the one that best suits your game.

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