Best Metal Beds

The best metal bed is a great option if you want something that’ll make a statement in a bedroom. At the same time, it’s durable and stylish. Thus, it’s an ideal choice for your master’s bedroom, your child’s room, or even a guest room.

Metal beds are made of a mixture of ores and alloys. Typically, these would be a choice of iron, steel, nickel, or a combination of these. A finish applied to the metal bed helps give it a distinct look. In addition, the moisture resistant powder coating gives it added protection from rust.

To a certain extent, metal beds are cheaper versus those made of wood. So you can expect to get a metal bed that’s within your budget. Yet you’ll still be able to achieve the look you want. Moreover, by virtue of its make, you can look forward to years of use from a metal bed.

You’ll immediately realize the huge number of metal beds offered in today’s market once you start shopping for one. However, the overwhelming variety can easily confuse an uninitiated shopper. Chances are you’re decision won’t come easily. Even so, we highlight the top products in this category. These will give you a good idea of what the best metal bed should be.

Night Therapy Platform Metal Bed Frame/Foundation Set

The Night Therapy Platform Metal Bed Frame/Foundation Set gives you the complete package from the foundation to the headboard and footboard hardware. You don’t need to shop for each one separately, so you’re sure you have a matching set. Moreover, you get rock solid quality because of its premium steel construction. Moreover, it’s tested to support up to 2,400 pounds.

It has accompanying 4-piece headboard and footboard brackets that add a customized feel to your metal bed. For added stability, this metal bed has 12 points of contact with the floor. So you won’t feel it wobbling every time you shift in bed. The frame measures 14 inches above the floor. Hence, it gives you added space for storage.

The Night Therapy Platform Metal Bed Frame/Foundation Set is available in six sizes. Choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, or California king. It’s color is black. Assembly is required but doesn’t require any tools to do so.

DHP Bombay Metal Bed

The DHP Bombay metal bed features a white colored frame. So it’ll match seamlessly with whatever color scheme or décor your room might have. It’s a platform type of bed and it comes equipped with headboard and footboard. Both feature a scrollwork design that gives it an elegant yet simple look.

The frame of the DHP Bombay metal bed can support up to 300 pounds. So, it’s ideal for a young child or for a full-sized adult. You get added stability from its metal slats. Hence, you’ll have a sturdy yet attractive metal bed in your room if you choose this.

The product measures 41.5 x 77.5 x 40 inches and weighs 44 pounds. It’s available in two sizes. Choose from twin or full size. Assembly is required.

DHP Canopy Metal Bed

You can achieve an old world feel with the DHP Canopy Metal Bed. It’s the ideal frame for a young girl’s room. Moreover, it’s sturdy enough to use until her teenage years. Colored white, the DHP Canopy Metal Bed features four tall posts each topped with a round finial.

Simply add a sheer curtain to create a storybook fantasy setting in your princess’ bedroom. No doubt, she will love it and enjoy sleeping in it as well. Its heart scroll design adds a delicate touch to the DHP Canopy Metal Bed.

The product measures 77.5 x 41.5 x 71.5 inches. It weighs 53.5 pounds. The sheer curtain does not come with each purchase of this product. Assembly is required. The DHP Canopy Metal Bed is available in three colors. Ask your child if she prefers it in white, silver, or pink.

DHP Bali Metal Bed

The DHP Bali Metal Bed gives you a modern look in a platform type. The frame has a brushed bronze finish. This carries over to its accompanying headboard and footboard that both have a curved design.

Aside from its contemporary look, the DHP Bali Metal Bed offers a sturdy frame. It has metal slats and 8 legs to support it. Thus, you can sleep well knowing you’re lying down safe and secure in it.

The product measures 62.5 x 83 x 39.5 inches. It weighs 56 pounds. The DHP Bali Metal Bed is available in three sizes. Choose from twin, full, or queen size.

DHP Tokyo Bronze Metal Bed

You’ll fall in love with the beauty of the DHP Tokyo Bronze Metal Bed. It features an elegant design with spindles topping the corners of both the headboard and footboard. On top of that, it’s finished in brushed bronze. Hence, a classic look that will stay fashionable for years to come.

Apart from its beauty, you’ll appreciate it for its durability. Its metal slats and supporting legs ensure its stability. So, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep.

The product measures 77.5 x 56.5 x 44.5 inches and weighs 55 pounds. It’s available in two sizes, full or queen size. Assembly is required but the instructions are easy to follow.

What to Look for

Finding options for metal beds in today’s market is easy. Indeed, a quick search online will yield thousands of choices. However, this is where the problem starts. How do you distinguish the best from the rest? To help you make the right choice, we list the key factors you should keep in mind while shopping for your metal bed.

Each factor is critical in making sure the metal bed you choose meets your specific requirements. You’ll be thankful you took note of these factors. Because in the end, you’ll have the best metal bed in your home.

  • Style – Metal beds come in a wide variety of styles. You can choose from a traditional, contemporary, or country style metal bed. Each style has its own distinguishing features. A traditional metal bed has a more ornate design compared to the other styles. Hence, its signature look of scrolls, finials, and flowing lines. This classic look adds a formal touch to the bedroom. For a modern appearance and character, you can choose a contemporary style. This has the distinct features of lines and geometric shapes for a clean, uncluttered look. The country metal bed offers a more relaxed feeling because of its aged finish either in white or a pastel color. This would evoke a rustic charm. Your choice of style would depend on the existing design of the bedroom where you intend to place the metal bed. Ideally, you’d want one that matches your existing design. A contrasting look is a risk as the looks might contrast and be an eyesore so it doesn’t feel inviting to use.
  • Type – You can also choose from different types of metal beds. The platform bed is the simplest of them all. At times, this basic metal bed comes with a headrest, footboard, or both. You can buy these together with the bed or separately. For a more dramatic feel, you can choose a poster bed. By virtue of its name, it has four posts at every corner. These can have similar or different heights for greater visual interest. The canopy bed is a variation of the poster bed but you can put a fabric covering over it. This gives a room an old worldly feel. A quality that might suit your little princess’ bedroom. The metal sleigh bed offers a romantic look that would make a nice addition to a master’s bedroom.
  • Quality – The make of a metal bed will vary from brand to brand. It’s best to get a metal bed from a reputable brand so that you’re assured of its quality. Thus, you can expect it to last for a long time without failing or tarnishing anytime soon. It would also be a good idea to check with family or friends for recommendations on a particular brand based on their own experience with it.
  • Size of the room – Aside from style, it’s important to know what size of metal bed you need for a specific room. The last thing you want to happen is to find out the metal bed you ordered won’t fit into the space you want when it arrives. Although, if you’re planning to get a metal bed for the guest room, you might consider a double bed size. This gives you more room to accommodate couples. Of course, this is if the room is big enough for it.
  • Price – Beforehand, decide how much you are willing to spend for a metal bed. This helps narrow your search within a particular price range. Not to worry, this won’t limit your search to only a select few. You can still expect to have a wide selection of metal beds available. Indeed, you won’t end up frustrated because you can’t afford the one you want. Instead, you’ll be able to find one that’s within your budget.


Getting the best metal bed requires a lot of thought. Thus, it’s best to keep in mind these factors. In the end, you’ll find the right one that meets your needs easier and quicker. Be sure to evaluate its quality to make sure the metal bed you’re getting will last a long time.

In addition, assess the style and type you want as well as the size you need. Moreover, decide how much you’re willing to pay for the best metal bed. For your added convenience, remember to check out these top metal beds in the market today. One of these could be the best metal bed you want.

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