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Going out on a date this weekend? Always remember to put your best foot forward to make a woman swoon with delight. Of course this could mean that you need a haircut, a wardrobe update, or a practice on your good manners. But apart from these essentials, don’t forget that you also need to make sure that your hair’s mess-free. Feast your eyes on our top three men’s hair combs that’ll help you show that dashing debonair look.

Kent Men’s Comb

Kent Hand-Made All Fine Pocket Comb, Fot, 113 mm

Feel like rubbing your scalp against a bunch of needles every time you use your comb? You don’t have to endure such a problem. Take care of your scalp with the help of Kent Men’s Hand-Made Pocket Comb.

This men’s comb is composed of very fine teeth that smoothly glide on your scalp and hair. In fact, it provides your scalp with a relaxing massaging sensation that’s essential in producing the right amount of oil to keep your hair nourished and healthy-looking. And because it’s gentle on the skin, your scalp won’t get irritated or scratched, unlike other ordinary combs.

This 1.4-ounce product has dimensions of 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 0.1 inch thick. Its seamless quality won’t tangle your hair as well. It comes in four variants; one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, and six-piece packs. With Kent Men’s Hand-Made Pocket Comb, you’ll always look and feel comfortably gorgeous.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Men’s Comb

Hair Comb - Wood with Anti-Static & No Snag Handmade Brush for Beard, Head Hair, Mustache with High Quality Design in Gift Box by Rocky Mountain

Does your hair still look a bit messy even after combing it for several times already? Use Rocky Mountain Barber Company Men’s Comb to finally give it a neat touch.

This men’s comb consists of an anti-static property that surprisingly keeps every hair strand in proper place, so you no longer need to frequently comb your hair in front of the mirror to ensure it looks good. What’s also interesting about it is it doesn’t contain elaborate designs that might cause hair breakage.

This 1-ounce product has dimensions of 5.5 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 0.4 inch thick. It’s made from pure and simple wooden material that’s strong enough to resist damage from the usual slip-and-fall accidents. Aside from primarily being a hair comb, you may use it as a mustache or beard comb as well. Instantly attract anyone’s attention with Rocky Mountain Barber Men’s Comb.

BushKlawz Men’s Comb

2Klawz Hair Comb for Men - Hair and Beard Comb with Wide & Fine Teeth Full Size 7"

Having a hard time taming your hair because it has a different style? Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, count on BushKlawz Men’s Comb.

This hair comb is comprised with a dual-teeth design; the fine teeth are perfect for those who want a sleek and classic hairstyle, while the thick or wide teeth are intended for those who prefer edgy hairstyle. It’s suitable for any hair type, so you could achieve your desired look effortlessly. It also doesn’t have decorations that might damage your hair.

For specifications, this product measures 7.2 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 0.2 inch thick. Its set of teeth strictly goes the hand sanding process to make sure that it adjusts according to your natural hair flow, and helps in oil production which’s necessary for healthy hair as well. Furthermore, you may use it as a mustache or beard comb.

What to Look For

Even a real man deserves to have a neat-looking hair because it not only attracts the attention of the opposite sex but also says a lot about his grooming habits. So, in order to get your hands on the appropriate men’s comb, always focus on these factors.

  • Teeth Structure – When looking for a men’s comb, always consider the kind of hairstyle that you have. It would be best if you pick one that’s suitable for all hair types. If you’re having a hard time looking for it, choose a comb that’s specific to your hairstyle; fine-tooth for straight hair or wide-tooth for curly hair.
  • Design – Choose a men’s comb that’s bare-looking or without any decorative attachments for comfortable combing. The problem with fancy combs is that they have a tendency to accidentally trap some of your hair strands in between their teeth and minor designs, which might break or damage your hair.
  • Price – Get a men’s comb that’s very useful yet reasonably-priced. Watch out for those that are over-priced because it could mean they’re fake or defective, same with those that are extremely inexpensive. To avoid spending more than how you should, verify with authorized sellers the legitimate price and features of your desired men’s comb.


Getting your hands on the proper men’s comb in regard to its teeth structure, design, and price, translates to good grooming habits that enhance a manly charm.

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