Best Matte Nail Polish

The matte trend has come to nails at last! Who wouldn’t want to jump on the bandwagon? They look really good and a lot of celebrities rock it so you can rock it too! As long as you use the best product and apply it perfectly with the help of a professional or if you’re confident about your skills then you can do it on your own. Make sure you choose the best matte nail polish to practically nail the trend, and then you’re good to go. Here are some of the best ones in the market.

ZOYA Nail Polish

ZOYA Nail Polish, Iris Mattevelvet, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

The first product on our list is a popular one that’s highly recommended by a lot of people. This actually comes in amazing colors, not too bold and not too bland either. They make your nails and hands look posh. The matte finish can last for a very long time until you wipe off the nail polish actually. The formula of this matte nail polish makes the product easy to apply all over your nails. It has an amazing coverage so you don’t have to apply layers upon layers of the polish to cover the whole area of your nails. The polish doesn’t chip easily and the color doesn’t dull even after days of constant working using your hands.

Even the darker ones make your nails look good. Personally, I believe the darker colors make your hands look brighter, and this one does that effortlessly. You can add your favorite nail art over it in order to achieve that awesome look. It’s really gorgeous and a lot of people agree. It’s quite smooth and very classy too. It also comes with nude colors that look great on anyone. You can check them out and see which ones suit you.

OPI Top Coat Nail Polish

OPI Top Coat Nail Polish, Matte, 0.5 fl. oz.

OPI is a very popular, high-end nail polish brand and this one doesn’t disappoint those people who are already in love with this brand. If you haven’t tried any OPI products then you’ll surely be a follower once you try this amazing matte top coat nail polish that’s a best-seller too. The good thing about top coats like this one is you can actually pair this with your favorite nail polish. If you have a favorite and you wanted to have it in a matte finish then you can top it off with this top coat. The formula of this one allows you to build up the protection of your nails without burdening your nails in the process. With this, you can expect to have a long-lasting manicure.

It gives your nails that natural and clean look with a beautiful and posh matte look that’s really popular these days. You only have to apply two coats to your nails and wait for it to dry. Don’t worry, this nail polish dries really fast. Make sure that you shake the bottle first in order to prevent hardening of the product at the bottom of the bottle.

essie Nail Polish

essie matte about you top coat, mattify, 0.46 fl. oz.

If you wanted a softer matte finish then this might be the one you’re looking for. The smooth matte formula of this product gives your nails that matte finish without looking too dry if you’re not fond of the overly matte look. This will look good with any essie nail polish that you have. This can actually make your nail polish have the matte finish since this is a top coat nail polish. Not only does this make your nail finish look and feel matte, it also helps strengthen your nails in order to make your nail polish last longer compared to when you don’t use a top coat.

With this, you can guarantee that your nails won’t chip or crack even after days after initial application. This prevents your nails from turning yellow and it also helps keep the color of your nail polish from turning dull. The good thing about the formula of this product is it doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP which can be harmful to your body and your nails. It even dries up really fast without the use of UV light curing. You can check them out.


Try out the latest matte nail trend by using the best matte nail polish. You can use a matte top coat after applying your favorite nail polish or you can try the matte nail polish on its own. There are actually a lot of great-looking ones, but you should also consider the formula of the nail polish. It should provide you with a long-lasting matte finish that doesn’t chip or becomes dull after days of use. It’s also important to check the ingredients found in the nail polish. Some products have harmful ingredients that are not good for your nails and body. With the right matte nail polish, you can have posh and beautiful nails for days.

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