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From its name itself, a manual tile cutter is a tool that can cut even the hardest tiles to the shape and size that you needed for your work. Ceramic tile cutters come in different shapes and form. Different tools come in the most basic shapes to the most complicated one that you can use to do the job. The hand tools are easy to use since you can manually adjust the shape and the size of the tile that you wanted. Here are some of the best manual tile cutter on the market.

QEP 10630Q Manual Tile Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel

The first product on this list is a highly recommended product that has proven its efficiency in cutting tiles efficiently and easily. You can use this to create the shape of the ceramic tile or porcelain that you wanted. The straight edge of this product can be adjusted. It even comes with a measurement guide on its side in order for you to perfectly achieve the right size that you wanted your tiles to be. This also helps you align your tiles first before cutting it in order to cut it perfectly. To score they added titanium-coated carbide for this.

M-D Building Products 49194 Tile Cutter

If you wanted to buy a manual tile cutter that’s within your budget then you might like this product. This product can do straight cuts for tiles up to 14 inches. Its construction is composed of durable cast aluminum that can give you amazing performance for a long time. Even its brackets and cutter assembly is made of cast iron. The area where you place your tiles has a non-slip surface so you don’t have to worry about your tiles slipping while you manually cut it. The rails around the product are polished to perfection.

Brutus 10600BR Pro Porcelain Tile Cutter

This product might be pricier compared to the other manual tile cutter you see on the market but when it comes to its efficiency and performance this product doesn’t disappoint. You can use this product to cut tiles up to 24 inches in length and diagonally up to 18 inches. Even though your tiles are ½ inches thick this product can go through with it effortlessly. This manual tire cutter also utilizes tungsten carbide that’s coated with titanium so you can expect razor sharp action of the cutter itself. Its handle gives you ease and comfort while using it.


If you prefer to cut your tiles manually then it’s better to invest in the best manual tile cutter. In choosing the best product for your work, you have to check for the efficiency of the tile cutter. Most tile cutters have tungsten carbide coated with titanium. They’re sharper and stronger than other materials so you can cut your tiles with as little effort on your part. Make sure that the product you choose can accommodate the size of the tiles you’re working on. It should have a design that’s made to give you ease while cutting your tiles.

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