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One of the questions that might be buzzing around in your mind right now is if you should go for a manual juicer or an automatic model? After all, with all the technological advancements around, why should you keep having a manual juicer, right? Well, one of the purposes as to why you should still opt for a manual way of extracting juice from your favorite produce is because they are the cheaper alternative. Automatic juices will have extra features that you may or may not need, and these added functionalities can increase the heft in their price tag by a lot. So if you’re looking for a juicer that can let you save up on your hard-earned cash, then go for the manual models instead.

So why should you get a reliable juicer? To start, juicing is an excellent way to improve the quality of your health and life. Many people will agree with that previous statement, and if you intend to incorporate healthy juices in your life, then you should invest in a good juicer. Many people are still trying to purchase the manual model, primarily because it is the cheaper option as opposed to buying an automatic variant.

Many manual juicers are only built a few parts attached to form one complete package. These parts are the following: the feeder, the crank, and the body. It’s just that simple. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you because they do tend to be more durable than their looks. You might even hear only a very few people complaining that their manual juicers don’t work. Furthermore, and still, because of its simplicity, these devices are easy to care and to clean. Just rinse them after every use, and it’s good to go.

Even though manual juicers are excellent devices for people who like to drink healthy juices but don’t want to spend much of their money, there are still some who will prefer the automatic models. It is because manual juicers need a bit of time and effort to use. You need to turn the crank multiple times to get a decent amount of juice from your fruit or certain vegetables. Another reason why people tend to purchase an automatic juicer instead of the manual variant is that many manual models don’t separate the pulp automatically. As such, separating the pulp comes as an extra task for you.

Upon reaching this point, and if you still want to purchase a manual juicer to call your very own, then check out the items listed below as these might even be your next kitchen partner.

Lexen GP27 – The Original Healthy Juicer

The Lexen GP27 – The Original Healthy Juicer might not be the “original” juicer, but it sure can do a lot more than the traditional design. It can take on multiple juicing tasks as it can handle taking out the juices of wheatgrass, spinach, chard, lettuce, kale, collard greens, parsley, and practically any green, leafy vegetable out there. It can also take on taking out the juice out of certain fruits and other vegetables like carrots.

Not only is this particular model very functional, but it is also designed for easy cleaning and ease-of-use. You can just give it a rinse and then wipe it off with a towel, and you’ll be done in about 30 seconds to a minute. After that time frame, you can start juicing with it once more. Furthermore, to ensure that this juicer stays in place as you crank it, there is a suction base as well as a table clamp.

Its design is reasonably compact which means you can bring it on camping trips or with your travels. Therefore, you don’t have to miss out on drinking a healthy glass of your favorite juice ever again.

Zulay Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer – Manual Citrus Press Juicer

Just like its name says, the Zulay Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer is a manual citrus press juicer, which means it can only cater to a limited selection of food items. However, for what it can do, it can do it well. It can take out every last drop of juice from Mexican limes, limequats, Key limes, Meyer lemons, Tahiti limes, or other types of citrus fruits. Furthermore, there will be no seeds in your juice so you can just enjoy all the liquid goodness that you can get and none of the tiny bits.

Due to its rather small amount of features, the entire package is also reasonably compact. As such, you will have no problem taking it with you during your trips. You can even take it along to your parents’ place during the weekends for that Sunday barbecue. It is also made with two heavy-duty metal bowls, so you’ll know that it can last the usual bumps and scrapes. The material also assures users that it will last a good long while, provided proper cleaning and maintenance is still followed.

On the cleaning end, this device is dishwasher friendly, so removing the leftovers from it is very simple to do.

Chef’s Star Manual Juicer

If there is one problem area for the traditional design for the manual juicer, it’s that it will move a bit as you’re turning the crank. However, that’s not the case with the Chef’s Star Manual Juicer. It has a strong suction base, and it works well. So even while you’re having a bit of trouble with a particular fruit, this manual juicer happily stays in place. Also, when it’s time to store the device, all parts are detachable from each other for easy storage.

But once you’re ready to start juicing again, putting them all together is just a snap (no pun intended). It can separate the liquid from the pulp, which is excellent if you only like the liquids from your fruits and none of the small bits.

This particular manual juicer also has a reasonably compact design, so storing it somewhere won’t hinder with precious storage space. It is also with this thought that you can bring it with you anywhere with you if you so desire.

Caitlins Home Lemon Squeezer Manual Citrus Juicer

Just like Zulay’s Manual Juicer, the Caitlins Home Lemon Squeezer Manual Citrus Juicer is quite the specific model. It is a commercial grade juicer, and it advertises itself to have the “strongest hinge.” It may not be such a tall claim because once you start juicing, you’ll notice its excellent prowess in taking out the liquids from your favorite citrus fruits.

The device is coated with a bright yellow enamel coating, and its metal material won’t rust nor react to the citrus juices flowing out of the fruits. As such, it is an excellent addition to home or professional kitchens. The grip is also well-made as it assures the user that the device won’t slip out of their hands, even if you’re hand is currently slippery.

This manual juicer is also easy-to-clean as all you need to do is rinse it with soap and water, and then hang it out to dry. There’s no mess and no fuss when you’re using this particular model. Those who want to make use of lemon or orange juice will get a kick out of using this device. Another factor that’s pleasing with this unit is its reasonable price tag.

Royal Manufacturers Manual Lever Press Citrus Juicer

The Royal Manufacturers Manual Lever Press Citrus Juicer looks and feels like a professional-grade juicing device because of its steel façade. However, don’t let its looks intimidate you as you can bring it in your kitchen. In other words, this is not a juicer that’s just meant for professionals. What you can take advantage of is a lever-handle that can squeeze out the juice out of your favorite fruits in a simple, easy-to-do action.

It is advised, however, that you slice the fruit first before putting it into the receptacle. Slice it in half or by 1/4 of its original shape, and you should be good to go. The device also has a rubber base that does a pleasing job in securing the entire juicer so that it won’t move around too much during operations. There is also a stainless steel strainer located beneath the cup where you place the fruit, and it does a wonderful job in separating the seeds and pulp from the juice in an efficient manner.

All of its parts are removable to allow for easy cleanup, and storage denotes no problems either.


If you’ve decided that you’re going to purchase a manual juicer, then know many are crawling around the market. If you can search for manual juicers that come with strainers right inside the package. In doing so, it will lessen the workload to a degree. Furthermore, look for a design that looks good and stylish, and that it won’t clash with your home’s décor. Lastly, check their price tags, while manual juicers are still known to be the cheaper alternative to automatic models, make sure to acquire a device that would fit comfortably inside your spending allowance.

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