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Technology brought about the convenience of repairing and constructing objects. With that thought, in mind, you might be wondering as to the reasons for why we should still be using manual hand drills. After all, using electric models is a more convenient way of doing things as opposed to tiring yourself to bore a hole through objects, right manually?

Despite the fact that it is easier to use electric models, there’s still a bunch of benefits when using standard models. But before we go into the nitty-gritty of its advantages, let’s take a look at a tiny bit more about manual hand drills.

As mentioned previously, manual hand drills are used to drill or bore holes through things, and they’re used on walls and pieces of wood. It can be used in conjunction with braces, and these are used with either an auger bit or a drill bit. Some models can even let you attach a screwdriver to drive screws instead of drilling or boring holes.

With the use of manual hand drills, you gain a lot more control as opposed to using high-powered automatic models. High-powered drills can get the job done in certain scenarios, but there are times when you just want a more delicate approach to drilling or boring holes. For instance, you might not want the hole to be too deep or too large.

A high-powered model might let you drill all the way to the other side of the material, and in some cases, you don’t want that. As such, it is where manual hand drills slide into the scene. These standard models give you the amount of control you need for more delicate assignments and projects.

If you’re looking for this type of control for your drilling or boring projects, then don’t just get any manual hand drill on the market. We’ve listed down a few excellent models for you to browse to assist you in coming up with a rational decision as to which hand drill to get.

Fiskars Hand Drill (85116984)

While many hand drills are ideal for drilling or boring holes in wood, the Fiskars Hand Drill (85116984) has a sufficient amount of power that it can also be used on plastic, sheet metal, mixed media, paper, and even acrylic. It can even be used in several arts and crafts pieces. When you take a look at its insides, you’ll find enclosed gears that deliver consistent drilling prowess, which is a definite advantage for any manual hand drill since you’re going to rely on your hands and arms to power the device.

It also has a contoured boy who does offer a decent level of comfort for you to get by most drilling jobs, and it’s versatile enough that it can accommodate standard-sized drill bits. Note that the drill bits are sold separately. Its chuck has a nice meaty feel to it, and you won’t have much problem holding this unit vertically or horizontally.

Because of its design, it promotes safety and security above everything else. As such, it is safe enough to be used by children. Just make sure you still supervise your kids when they’re drilling or boring holes on their projects.

Fiskars Manual Rotary Craft Hand Drill

Another Fiskars model to grace this list is the Manual Rotary Craft Hand Drill. The main difference of this model from the Fiskars Hand Drill (85116984) model is that the packaging already includes four standard drill bits, and these are 3/32, 5/32, 3/16, and 1/8 inch bits. It also promotes ease-of-use with its hand crank as it delivers cord and battery-free use. As such, you can even bring it along with your trips where electrical outlets are no longer a necessity. It might even be a part of your toolbox for when you go camping.

Many manual hand drills on the market deliver the same experience, and some would even produce lower quality results. However, such is not the case with this particular drill as drilling with it is nothing short of an amazing experience. It can drill and bore holes in some materials, including wood, sheet metal, plastic, resin, and different arts and crafts items. Even when you drill through the thickest parts of the things mentioned in the previous statement, their action is as smooth as it could be.

The results might even be comparable to high-powered drills, sans the noise and the very fast finish. Perhaps the best part about this is that you’re not required to use electricity with it, so taking it along with you in areas where there’s no electricity is no longer a problem.

Schroeder Hand Drill

The Schroeder Hand Drill gets things done, and it can get them done right. It offers a pleasingly satisfying control in which even automatic high-powered drills can have trouble with. Many high-powered drills have one problem, and that is the kick when the device starts. For individuals who can’t handle the sudden kick, it might throw off the alignment of the drilling or boring job. It can, therefore, create unwanted mistakes and misalignments.

For the manual hand drill, on the contrary, and in particular with this model, it’s not required to use electricity or batteries to make it work. Just place it in your desired position and start cranking. The standard packaging will even include a comfortable handle, a smooth gear, and a 3-jaw chuck. This unit is also suitably compact as it is just 9-1/4 inches in length. The build quality might look plasticky and cheap, but make no mistake as it can take a lot of punishment.

It is the type of drill that you want to use on small to medium-sized projects. Don’t expect to use this model when you’re trying to build a house as it can take ages before you can finish.

In-tool-home Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill Set

Are you a hobbyist that likes to work on plastic models or other small arts and crafts projects? If so, then you know the importance of proper detailing on your models. The In-tool-home Precision Pin Vise Hand Drill Set can help with these small projects in which a high-powered drill couldn’t handle. In other words, high-powered models are used to create large-scale projects, like a house. Pin vice hand drills, on the contrary, can be used for model making and other hobbies.

This particular manual hand drill can hold small wires, files, reamers, deburrers, and, of course, drill bits. The package includes a 3-jaw hardened chuck and ten pieces of twist drill bits. The construction of the handle is top-notch as it can offer you its services for many drilling, boring, and even filing projects to come. Attaching parts to its head is as smooth as it can be. You don’t have to force itself open or pull a muscle when you want it closed tightly.

Perhaps the best thing about this hand drill is its incredibly lightweight construction. Many drills, even manual hand variants, can become heavy which would ultimately tire you out in the long run. This unit, however, is so small and lightweight that it won’t tire your hands or arms, even when you’re using it for quite a while on one project.

Neiko 10517A Precision Push Manual Hand Drill

The Neiko 10517A Manual Hand Drill is an excellent alternative to high-powered drills as it offers the convenience and smoothness of drilling without cords or batteries. Its construction is decently lightweight so it doesn’t weight down your hands and arms too much, and it works well with drilling and boring through light woods, clay, beads, or other similar materials. One stroke and it will grant you three rotations of its head.

Like with other compact manual hand drills on the market, this model is ideal for working with small projects such as jewelry, small wooden sculpture, or light chores around the house. It is also ideal for some scale model making tasks.

Since the device doesn’t require electricity or batteries to make it run, it is an excellent companion for when you go camping or when you’re trekking out in the woods. You only need to push, and the drill will spin. The standard packaging includes a dual collet jaw that has a 0.1 to 3.2-millimeter capacity, and three drill bits (2.0, 2.5, and 3.0-millimeters).


Manual hand drills give you more control as opposed to using high-powered automatic models. However, it doesn’t mean that you should just leave it that way after using it. Albeit standard models are more inexpensive than their high-powered counterparts, you should still take proper care of them if you want the tool to last a good long while.

But if you’re still browsing around the market for good manual hand drill units, we hope this guide has served its purpose in setting you off on the right path as to which model is best for your drilling and boring requirements.

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