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In order to create a border for your garden, whether you needed it to clearly have a clean outline for your pavement, granular area, uncovered soil or other design that your garden has, you’ll need to use a special too and that’s an edger. There are manual and motorized edgers but their main purpose is all the same. There are made to help you in edging your lawn for long distances in short amount of time and with as little strain and stress as possible. The motorized edgers can have multiple wheels and the added machinery makes it heavy which can be difficult to maneuver that’s why a lot of people opt to use a manual edger instead. They are lighter in weight and can easily be maneuvered. They are a lot cheaper too compared to the motorized ones.

Manual edgers have different types. There is the spade-based type of egders, the roller-based type of edgers and the hand shears. The spade edgers are the most basic and oldest design there is but it’s more than efficient in getting things done. They may look like your regular spade, but some are actually used to create efficient edges on lawns. Roller-based edgers utilize roller wheels in order to make it easier for you to create edges on your lawn. You don’t have to manually push it on the ground with your foot like the spade based edger, you only have to roll it on the edge of your lawn that you wanted to be done. The last type of manual edger is the hand shear. There are different types of hand shear. There are long ones where you need to use both your hands to operate, then there are the single shears you only need to use one hand in cutting the edges of your lawn. Whatever type of manual edger that you choose, make sure that it’s the best one that suits your needs and comfort. Here are some of the best products sold in the market.

Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel 

The first product on our list is this one right here. This is a roller based type of manual edger, It has a 48 inches handle that makes it easy for you to roll the edger along the edges the way you wanted it to without the need of bending and hurting your back. The handle itself is made of North American ash which is a durable wood that can last for a long time and won’t easily get broken. The handle is also lacquered in order for you to have a more durable and strong roller manual edger. It’s a very handy edger that can do the job well. It can keep your sidewalks and pavements well trimmer as well as clear from any weeds and grass.

The price is so reasonable for such durable and well-built produce that can do such a good performance in trimming and keeping your lawn’s edges clean. The steel spike of your manual edger are clear-coated and has a finished head in order to efficiently trim the edges of your lawn as you go along and roll this edger. This is very easy to use and cleaning it up is hassle-free too. You only have to spray it with your garden hose in order to clean the grass debris on it. Don’t worry, it won’t get easily damaged if you clean it that way. The edges of your lawn can maintain their straight and clean lines the way you wanted it to with the use of this highly efficient product. It’s a great idea to use this when your ground is soft such as after a rain or after you water your lawn in order to have an effortless task ahead.

True Temper Dual-Wheel Rotary Edger 

The next product on our list is another roller based manual edges that we found in the market. This might not be the highest rated product that we found but a lot of people actually like to use this manual edger. Thus is a self-cleaning manual edger thanks to its special design. Its steel blade is actually designed in a three-position style that makes it self-clean itself as you go along in edging your lawn. Unlike other manual edgers, this has dual wheels that make it easier for you to glide it along with your lawn. The easy traction makes it faster and easier for you to finish your workload since its super smooth and clean when you roll in on the edges of your lawn the way you wanted it to.

The handle of this product is made of hardwood. It’s 54 inches long so you can just stand straight and glide this manual edger along your lawn without bending your back or straining yourself. The end of the handle has a cushion that makes it more comfortable for your hands to hold this manual edger. You can easily control the direction of this manual edger, unlike other products. This is a lot cheaper compared to the Truper manual edger, but its performance is just as good. The speed and ease you’ll experience when you use this product are incomparable. You can try it out for yourself and see a huge difference. You can maintain the condition of your lawn with the use of this efficient product.

Radius Garden 206 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

The next product on our list is a spade type of manual edger. It has a moon-shaped spade but the upper part of the spade is flat in order for you to push it down the ground using your foot with ease. A lot of people prefer to use this manual edger. Those who really more on their strength in creating even and clean edges of their lawn use this instead since you can’t go wrong when you manually calculate the direction and depth that you wanted in trimming the edges of your lawn. This is a highly rated product that a lot of people prefer and the price is so reasonable for such a high-quality and heavy duty manual edger.

This manual edger has a lot more gripping surface that makes it easier for you to use it in comparison to the other products sold in the market. You can have a lot of room for your hands to effectively grasp this manual edger with comfort and ease. The stainless steel blade can cut easily the surface of your lawn. It has a resin-encased shaft made of steel that’s so strong it’s perpetually unbreakable. For an extra leverage as well as comfort for you when you use this product, they made sure that this product has a raised forward step and its design is extra wide. The overall construction is very durable and high-quality. The price is a great value for such an amazing product.

Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

This is another spade type of manual edger that we found in the market. This is also a highly rated and highly recommended product that we’d love to introduce to you if you’re looking for an efficient and reasonably priced product in the market. Even though it has a simple design and it utilizes a simple mechanism in trimming and keeping the edges of your lawn clean and neat, it’s very effective and it can get the job done quickly and effortlessly. You can maintain this product a whole lot easier compared to the other products in the market. It’s a lot less expensive to the pricier ones in the market too.

You can create lines and sculpted edges on your lawn for your driveways, patio, curbs and pavements effortlessly with the use of this product. With this, you can separate your shrubs, flowers, some areas of your lawn and other designs that you might have without worrying about maneuvering your manual edger. If you’re not good at control your roller manual edger then you might not get the output that you wanted. With a spade manual edger like this, you can easily control it the way you wanted it to. This can even be used to break down the covering of ice during the winter. It’s a highly versatile product that’s very handy around your house. It’s a multifunctional garden tool that’s worth its price.

Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn Edger

The last product on our list is this highly affordable manual edger that we found in the market. This is a spade type of manual edger and it has a pretty simple design. Even though this is very simple, it can do the job well in keeping the edges of your lawn neat, clean and well-designed. You can easily estimate the direction of your lawn design with this. It’s super easy to use and you don’t have to bend you back in keeping your lawn well maintained with this one. This has a half-moon shaped blade and the top part if flat in order for you to safely bring your foot down and apply pressure to it in order to scrape and trim away the edge of your lawn the way you wanted it to.

With this product, you can actually make a faster and cleaner job in maintaining and trimming your lawn. This isn’t like a shovel, it’s specially designed to create edges of your lawn in order to give way for you curb, pavements, walkways and edges of your flowers. It’s specially designed to give an equal distribution of weight when you apply pressure on top of it. The special design of this manual edger actually prevents the grass root from getting damaged so you can be sure that it won’t endanger the health of your lawn grass in any way. It can cut at perfect angles the way you wanted it to. It’s super easy to use and its performance is so good, you’ll definitely love this product.


Maintaining the clean cut of your lawn’s edges is now made easier with the use of the best manual edger. The motorized ones sometimes aren’t enough to make that clean, controlled lawn design that you wanted. Choose a good-quality one that best suits your needs.

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