Best Magnetic Knife Racks

When it comes to giving an order to your kitchen, you should consider what tools to use that’s safe and capable of accomplishing what you needed to be done. One of the important things you need to consider is how you store and arrange your knives. It should be in a safe manner that won’t harm anyone, especially if you have kids in the house. It should be arranged away from prying hands, but it should be accessible enough for you or someone who cooks in the house. One of the efficient ways of storing your knives is with the use of a magnetic knife rack. There are actually a lot of pre-made magnetic knife racks sold in the market, but there are also people who choose to make their own magnetic knife racks.

Drilling a set of holes through your roof in order to install another set of magnets precisely aligned and positioned at a certain distance to where you intend to place your knives can be such a hassle. This is the reason why a lot of people prefer to use a pre-made magnetic knife rack instead. It’s not about how expensive the product is. It should be how efficient it is in keeping your knives in proper order. Even though the product you choose has a simple design, and most of the products on this list are under this category, they are more than efficient in giving you what you want. The magnets on your chosen product should be able to hold even the heaviest knife that you have. Feel free to check the products on this list for your kitchen needs.

Norpro Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

Norpro 12-Inch Magnetic Knife Tool Bar

You can now store your knives as well as your utensils in an ingenious way where you can easily reach them when you need to use them with the use of this magnetic knife toolbar. This is a 12 inches magnetic knife toolbar that can help you organize your knives in a simple and effective way. If you’ve had enough of cluttered knives and utensils around your kitchen which can take up a lot of space then you should consider using a magnetic knife toolbar like this one. All you have to do is stick your knives in a neat, clean row on this magnetic tool bar. You don’t have to use a knife block which can damage the condition of your knives and you don’t have to lay them cluttered inside your drawer when you can just use this product.

This product is actually a great alternative when it comes to storing and organizing your knives. The good thing about this is you can easily reach which knife you need for your cooking. Your knives will be protected from any damage and dulling of the blade which is a common occurrence for knives that are needlessly lain around the kitchen in a disorderly state. This can also be used for other tools. You can use this for other kitchen tools and you can also use this for your workshop as well as the garage. The price of this product is super affordable which is great. Give it a shot and see a difference.

Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar 

The next product on our list is a best-selling one that a lot of people recommend. It’s amazing how highly rated this product is and for a good reason. It seems like there’s almost no flaw or negative from the testimonials of people who were able to use this in their kitchens. Since this magnetic knife rack is a lot longer, 16 inches long in fact, you can place more kitchen tools side by side. You can also use this for your garage tools as well as for your workshop tools if you want to. The price is very affordable so you’ll have no trouble buying a lot of this magnetic knife rack.

The magnets used in this product are very strong. Even if you attach one of the heaviest knives you got at home, this magnetic knife rack can hold it without any problems. This product actually has an elegant finish to it that’ll look good in your kitchen. The steel itself is made of a high-grade type of stainless steel. The simple design of this product won’t clash with the decorations of your kitchen. In fact, it’ll enhance the beauty of your kitchen. This is a versatile product that you can use for organization and convenience.

Chicago Cutlery Magnetic Knife Storage Strip

This is another highly rated product that we’d like to introduce to you. In order for you to organize your knives in the best organization possible, you have to use an efficient magnetic knife rack like this one. It has one long storage strip measuring 14 inches so you can set your knives side by side on it. You can also use this to organize your other kitchen utensils, as long as they have a metal component to their construction. When you’re in the kitchen and you needed to use a specific knife or a specific kitchen tool then you can just visibly find it and grasp it since it’s now within your reach.

A lot of chefs find it safer to use this type of magnetic knife rack. It’s a lot safer for them and a lot safer for their knives too. When it comes to maintaining the condition of your knives, it’s best that it’s not introduced to dullness and damage which can happen if you negligently store your knives anywhere. With this, you only have to rely on the magnetic power of the knife rack. You can mount this product to the wall of your kitchen easily. All the things you needed for installation are included with your purchase which is awesome. It’s super easy to install since this has a simple design and simple mechanism.

Ouddy Magnetic Knife Bar

Here’s an inexpensive magnetic knife rack that you can check out if you wanted to have a lesser-priced one that’s still quite as effective when it comes to organizing your knives in the kitchen. This strip of magnetic knife rack is actually made of a high-grade aluminum material which is quite durable and long-lasting. The magnet used here is quite powerful so even if you have a heavy cleaver knife it can still stick to the magnetic knife rack without any problem and with no fear of falling down. The good thing about this product is it can last for years and it won’t rust and get easily damaged. For such a low price you can get a high-quality magnetic knife rack.

You can now have your knives and other kitchen utensils within your reach if you use this magnetic knife rack. The strong magnetic action can be relied upon to hold all your knives and metallic kitchen necessities with ease. You don’t have to use a bulky knife block which can actually damage and dull the blade of your knives if you use this product instead. This is such a convenient solution to the clutter and inconvenience of rummaging through your kitchen drawers for an item that you needed in your kitchen. You can even use this for other means whether at your office, workshop or garage.

T&Hproducts -Magnetic Knife Holder 

The last product on our list is another highly rated one that has a very affordable price. This is one is a lot longer compared to the other products since the strip of magnetic rack measures 16 inches long. You can have more room for your knives and kitchen utensils to place on with this. With this, you can stay organized in your kitchen. It’s a lot easier and convenient to use a magnetic knife rack like this product since you can easily see and reach for the knife that you needed for your cooking. This product is made of an aluminum material that’s strong and durable. The simple yet stylish design makes it a great addition to your kitchen.

With this, you can save a lot of space and you can also de-clutter your kitchen drawer. This is an ingenious way to hang your knives on the walls of your kitchen in a stylish and safe way. You can save a lot of space around your kitchen and you can also protect your knives from getting damaged or getting dull from disorganization. This product is actually built to last for a long time. For such a price, it’s amazing that you can get a great value product like this one. No wonder a lot of people recommend this product. It’s high-quality construction, powerful magnet and an aluminum material are worth every penny.


Keep your knives organized and accessible with the use of the best magnetic knife rack. The magnet behind the knife rack should be strong enough to hold even the heaviest knife that you have at home. There’s no need to have a cluttered kitchen when you can arrange your kitchen utensils and knives on a special rack.

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