Best Lysine Supplements for Health and Well Being

Lysine is an amino acid that’s clinically proven to help fight viruses such as cold sores and herpes infection. Our body can’t produce its own lysine that’s why we need to take it either as part of our diet or as a supplementation. You can get lysine from natural sources. Foods rich in lysine include animal proteins, yogurt, beans, cheese, meat, brewer’s yeast as well as wheat germs. Even if you eat lots of these food, it’s still not enough to reach the levels that’s good for you. When you cook the food rich in lysine, the bioavailability of the lysine in this food is lost during the cooking process. That’s why some people resort to drinking lysine supplement in order to experience the benefits of lysine.

There are a lot of tests regarding the benefits of lysine to our body. It has been proven that this can help improve anxiety, lower blood sugar levels, increase muscle mass as well as prevent cold sores. There are also studies that show it can help in treating pain as well as in detoxifying drug use especially for those who are suffering from heroin addiction and withdrawal. Other uses of lysine also include alleviating migraines and headaches as well as other painful bodily ailments. People who have low levels of lysine in their body take lysine supplements. Some even add lysine into food preparation such as bread for lysine-poor communities. If you’re interested in lysine supplements and you don’t know where to look, we’ve gathered here a list of the best lysine supplement available in the market.

Quantum Super Lysine

The most popular lysine supplement is this product right here. It can boost your immunity and you can also use this to prevent from getting any cold sores. What’s great about this diet supplement is it has odorless garlic, vitamin C and the addition of other plant extracts that can boost your immunity and health. This is actually the leading product sold in the stores right now and the price is so reasonable for such a great product. Those who are suffering from herpes virus can benefit a lot from this. A lot of people who take this has had decreases incidence of onset of the herpes virus even amidst all the stressors from work and their environment.

Although this isn’t a medication but a diet supplement, you can get wonderful benefits from this. Some even say it’s some form of miracle pill since it can greatly help you fight infections and keep your immunity strong. The suggested dosage of this diet supplement is three tablets a day. You should take this on an empty stomach in order to gain the full benefits of the supplement. Those who are experiencing a nasty cold will notice that their cold gets better immediately after taking this supplement. It also helps to rest well and eat healthy at the same time. This best-selling product is highly recommended. You can try it out yourself and feel the difference.

BulkSupplements Pure L-Lysine HCL Powder 

Here’s another highly recommended product that we found in the market. A lot of people highly recommend this and for a good reason. This is a best-selling lysine supplement that can deliver the wonderful benefits of lysine. You can get pure and clean lysine powder packed in a zip lock. There are no fillers added here and no artificial ingredients. What you get is pure L-Lysine powder that can boost your immunity and prevent you from getting any cold sores. This has been clinically proven to be pure and quality-approved. If you’re prone to getting cold sores or flu then it’s advisable to start taking a lysine supplement such as this one.

Unlike other lysine supplements, this comes in powder form, not in tablet or capsule form. You can add this to your drink or food if you want to. If you’re experiencing flu symptoms or colds, this can shorten the period of sickness dramatically. If you have a stressful environment that can cause you to have colds, flu, and other stress-related sicknesses then you can benefit a lot from this product. You don’t have to fear the cold and flu when you’re better protected each day. What’s even better is you’re protected internally. You can purchase a pack of this for such an affordable price. Your body will be stronger and immune to sickness with this.

NOW L-lysine Supplement

The next product on our list is another highly rated one. For such an affordable price you can get 250 capsules of lysine supplements. This can great improve your immunity and fight any viruses. Even if you’re experiencing some flu-like symptoms and colds, when you start to take this supplement you’ll notice that your sickness will dramatically go away. This can also help your body absorb all the calcium that you take. Lysine actually has an important role in strengthening your bones. It’s also good for your skin, tendons, and cartilages. A lot of athletes also take lysine supplements in order to improve their body in a natural way.

A lot of women who are experiencing bone loss due to osteoporosis and aging can benefit a lot from this lysine supplement. There are also studies that show taking lysine, along with vitamin C, can help in treating symptoms of angina. Since lysine can help strengthen bones, it’s also been proven to improve the health of your teeth. You can have stronger bones, cartilage, and teeth when you take a lysine supplement such as this one. Cold sores can also be prevented when you take this as well as the incidence of acquiring herpes infection. Some people also use this to manage their weight. You can check this product out if you’re interested.

BRI Nutrition L-Lysine 

This is another highly rated product that we found in the market that we’d like to introduce to you. If you’ve been clamoring every nook and cranny of the stores around you for the best lysine supplement, then you might want to check this out and find the Holy Grail lysine supplement here. This is specially formulated to give you a clinical strength level of lysine supplement in order for you to have all the benefits of this amino acid. What’s even more amazing about this product is its affordable price. You can have a sustained supply of lysine supplement at such a great value.

This essential amino acid can be obtained when you eat lysine-rich foods. But you can further increase the lysine levels in your body and improve your immunity by taking this product. This product comes in a potent formula so you can have twice the amount of lysine to improve your skin and lips. Those who are susceptible to flu and colds can benefit a lot from this product. This diet supplement is made of the finest ingredients that are good for your body. No wonder a lot of people buy this and a lot of people highly recommend this. You can check it out if you’re immuno-compromised and stressed-out lately.

Amazing Nutrition Amazing Formulas L-Lysine

The last product on our list is this highly affordable yet efficient lysine supplement that we found in the market. This has been proven to boost your immunity and aids in strengthening your bones and connective tissues. This can also help your body absorb calcium better in order to combat bone loss caused by aging, menopause or other bone-related diseases that you might be experiencing. Our body isn’t able to make its own lysine that’s why we need to eat lysine-rich food. In the event that you can’t eat a whole amount of lysine-rich ingredients, you can supply your body with lysine in the form of a lysine supplement like this one.

You’ll see immediate results once you start taking lysine supplement like this product. You are no longer susceptible to the common cold and flu. Your body is strengthened and your bones are noticeably stronger. You seem to have better glow and strength each day too. They specially formulated this product to give you the potent form of lysine that’s readily absorbed by your body. There are no fillers added into this supplement and there are no artificial flavors and preservatives added either. You only get the pure form of the amino acid L-Lysine which is good for you.


Boost your immunity by incorporating the best lysine supplement to your everyday intake. You don’t have to suffer from common cold sores, flu and other viral infections that might come your way when the lysine levels of your body are increased with the intake of a lysine supplement each day. Not only will your immunity be strengthened, you’ll also notice that your overall health is drastically improved when you take good care of your body by taking a lysine supplement. They are usually not harmful and most of them are taken from natural ingredients. Make sure you get the best one.

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