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Spoil yourself with the best luxury towel in your home. Be kind to yourself. You deserve a treat. After a long day, you’ll want nothing more than to shower or bathe then curl up in bed. Imagine doing that while wrapped in a lush bath towel.

At the same time, using the best luxury towel is a great way to start the day. It can help motivate you to get into the shower. If you’re looking for luxury towels but aren’t sure where to begin, we feature the top products in this category to help you.

Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton

You’ll likely rave about the Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton every time you use it. This luxury towel is soft. Yet it only gets softer with every wash. What’s more, they remain absorbent. It’s made of Turkish cotton, which is a popular luxury towel material. It has an extra thick weave.

It’s durable and features a double stitched edge so it won’t fray. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy them for a long time. The product is sold as a set of 4 bath towels. The Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel Turkish Cotton bath towel set of 4 is available in a variety of colors. Choose from White, Cocoa, Cranberry, Gray, Wedgewood, Beige, Cream, Plum, Navy Blue, Aqua, Moss, Driftwood, Eggplant, and Coral.

Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom 6-Piece Towel Set

The Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom 6-Piece Towel Set lives up to its name as it offers the best quality luxury towels in the market. Thus, you’ll be ecstatic to add it to your bathroom. No doubt, your guests will be impressed when they see it on your shelves.

The high GSM value of this set guarantees its softness. It features long-staple combed cotton. Each purchase of this product includes 2 pieces of face towel washcloths, 2 pieces of hand towels, and 2 pieces of bath towels.

The quality of this 6-piece towel set is backed by Superior’s forty-year experience in producing fine linens. The 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom 6-Piece Towel Set is machine washable. However, the manufacturer advises against the use of fabric softener as this can diminish the towel’s absorbency.

Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel

Even if you’re picky about towels, you won’t regret choosing the Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel. These are made of Turkish cotton. Hence, their softness and durability. Its softness only improves with every wash. Its double-stitched hems provide unparalleled strength. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Production of the Turkish Luxury Hotel & Spa 16″x30″ Hand Towel is made in an Oeko-Tex® and ISO 9001 certified mill. So you’re certain of its quality. The manufacturing process doesn’t involve the use of bleach.

The manufacturer advises against the use of bleach when washing as this can affect the color and softness of the material. The product has a GSM value of over 700.

What to look for

We highlight the factors you need to consider to make sure you’re able to buy the best product in this category. This serves as your practical guide to choosing the best luxury towel for your home.

  • GSM – GSM is short for grams per square meter. When buying a luxury towel, you’ll want to check the GSM carefully. Bear in mind, some towels might be fluffy and soft at first. However, these qualities quickly fade if they don’t have the correct GSM value. Ideally, you’ll want to get a towel with a GSM value of 400 or more. In addition, take into account its thread count. The higher it is the greater luxury it affords.
  • Material – Egyptian cotton is considered the most luxurious material for this type of towel. Its long fibers make it absorbent and plush to the touch. Turkish cotton is another popular material. Its fibers are extra-long.
  • Care – Check the luxury towel label to find out how to care for it specifically. The instructions might vary among brands. Typically, luxury towels are tumble-dried to retain their softness and fluffiness for a long time. However, check what type of cleaning product it recommends. Experts also advise against the use of fabric conditioners on luxury towels. While it can help maintain the fabric’s soft texture, it tends to lessen its absorbency over time.


Shopping for the best luxury towel is easier if you keep in mind these factors while shopping. Check the GSM value. You’ll want a minimum count of 400. Consider the type of material you want. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on care.

To help you further, remember to check out these top products in this category. Perhaps one of these has the qualities you’re looking for in the best luxury towel.

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