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The lumbar part of your body is below the diaphragm and above the sacrum, which is in the pelvis. In context a lumbar support is mainly designed for the five vertebrae bones, the biggest spinal discs at the bottom of the spinal cage, more commonly called the lower back. For millennia, seat makers have been making flat and straight back supports, despite humans being well aware that backs are ‘S’ shaped. Yes, flat and straight looks good, and it’s easier to make, but hunchbacks don’t look good, priorities please! Lumbar support cushions add the missing ergonomics to back-unfriendly seats.

Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac Lumbar Support Cushion

Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac, Lumbar Cushion, Lower Back Support Pillow With Wooden Lumbar Support Board and Alignment Strap, Black

This was intentionally designed to help users ween-off slouching habits. It holds the lower back in the correct position, and is made of a removable particle board as lumbar support, and a special orthopedic foam that maintains its’ own shape after use. The cushion cover is easily removable for washing. The cushion straps to chairs with it’s elastic carrying strap. It can be used for home or office chairs, recliners, beds, seating in vehicles like cars, boats and planes. It’s sold in four different colors.

Someone was disturbed by the side edges, which uncomfortably protruded into their kidney zones. It’s a cheap lumbar support, some buyers said the cover seems to be low quality, and a number of folk claimed the cushions weren’t durable for long term use. It’s not the softest, rather it’s firm, but it does provide good lumbar back support, though many owners were unhappy with durability.

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support

The cover of this lumbar support is breathable to prevent heat and sweat accumulating, which has been well appreciated by many. It’s antibacterial, which begs the question if antibacterial chemicals are embedded for those obsessed with organics. It comes with a 60 day customer 100% satisfaction guarantee. They have great customer support.

It’s been well tested by licensed orthopedics. It helps with posture and back pain relief. Many buyers think it feels good for their back. It is firm with high density foam that “remembers” shapes pressed into it. But another customer said the foam even remembers how to lose its’ lumbar supporting shape. At least one shopper said their’s had been durable to last over a year, and who knows how long it will last. Unlike the top ranking lumbar support here, this one comes with an extension strap to give you wider application to various seats without going strapless.

McKenzie Lumbar Roll

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP - Low Back Support for Office Chairs and Car Seats

Made in the USA, and a popular recommendation to patients by chiropractors, orthopedics and physiotherapists around the world for 25 years. It’s uniquely shaped, but does wonders for lower back pain and support. Two versions exist with a normal level of firmness or extra firm. Some buyers thought the degree of lumbar support was: “perfect.”

At least one customer thought it wouldn’t stay still on the seat, and was too soft to be effective for back support. It can be strapped to your lower back instead of inconveniently having to strap and fit it to every seat you want to use, not to mention the strap might not even fit on every kind of seat you use. But this lumbar support has been criticized as obsolete, and that more ergonomic supports are available with modern enhancements like memory foam. One buyer regretfully claimed their doctor suggested rolling up a towel.

What to Look For

Lumbar supports should be expertly designed with breathable fabric. You can’t just make a cushion with a hump and expect proper back support. Quality is important because even if your back is cured, these lumbar supports are very useful for preventing incorrect seating postures, which can risk chronic back problems.


All the top lumbar support cushions featured straps to hold them to various types of seats you might encounter. The oldest one is simply a cushion roll that’s been popular for over 25 years. The higher ranking modern designs are in full cushion size with specially designed spinal support. A different type of lumbar support has been developed, which isn’t limited by which seats it can strap to, because it fits directly on your back to stay there in almost every place and activity you experience. But lumbar supports have conventionally referred to the seat cushions types of lumbar products.

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