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Luggage scales are one of the must-have travel accessories for any person who likes or needs to take a trip a lot. Now that there’s an emergence of many low-cost airlines, you need to know how to cut all costs whenever you travel. After all, traveling by plane is never a cheap option, but it’s certainly one of the fastest methods of travel in modern times. With the use of a luggage scale, you don’t have to shock yourself with expensive excess baggage fees because you didn’t know the weight of your baggage before you went to the airport. Save yourself the trouble and buy yourself a good luggage scale today.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale w/ 110 lb Capacity - Lifetime Warranty

The Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale makes use of a compact and lightweight design so you don’t add significant weight to your luggage. This particular model is a great gift for travelers, and it has a 110-pound or 50-kilogram capacity. The readings are accurate to 0.2-pounds or 0.1-kilograms. It also comes with an easy-to-read LCD screen that doesn’t require any backlight for you to properly read what’s on the display.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Despite the lower price point as compared to other luggage scales on the market, the Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale promotes high-accuracy readings for any user. It has a 110-pound or 50-kilogram capacity, and it’s accurate down to 0.1-pounds or 0.5-kilograms. This product has a user-friendly design, and it’s highly durable construction allows users to utilize the scale for years.

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale w/ 110 lb. Capacity & SmartGrip

The trait that automatically sets the EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale apart from other similar devices is its EatSmart SmartGrip design. This design choice makes it easy to lift and check the weights of baggage, and users can see the readings through an easy-to-read LCD display.

What to Look For?

Even though many luggage scales share similar designs between each other, such a device will come from different brand manufacturers. As such, there are different features to watch out for, and knowing your specific requirements in choosing such a device is the first step in acquiring a unit that’ll give you excellent value for your hard-earned cash.

Start by looking at the total weight capacity of the portable luggage scale. Most of these items will have their maximum weight capacity found in their labels or product descriptions. Many modern luggage scales will have a maximum carrying limit of 110-pounds or 50-kilograms, and this is usually more than one person will ever need when traveling by plane.

Another factor to consider when searching for the best luggage scale on the market is the weight accuracy. Since many of these modern devices rely on the digital display to show you the readings, you better make sure that these readouts are as accurate as they can possibly be. You don’t want to get a device that will give you a readout of, say, 5-kilograms when your luggage is actually double that weight.

Moving forward, there are also luggage scales that feature a weight lock functionality. This particular feature will calculate the weight after a short period of being stabilized. After that short period, the weight will automatically lock itself in place so you don’t have to make guesses as to what would be the true weight of your baggage.


In this short buying guide, we’ve included some excellent examples of the best luggage scales on the market, along with some of the factors you need to consider when you’re looking for such a device. Always remember to consider how and where you’ll use the unit, as well as the frequency of your travels and the size of your luggage.

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