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One of the richest cuisines in the United State is from Louisiana. From the flavors to the dishes themselves, you will surely indulge in the dishes and forget your diet. With this cuisine, there’s no such thing as too much food and a full stomach. Every meal is a feast of flavors and history. Each dish is made from the best ingredients and is enriched by the traditions that preserve it. Since this cuisine is fast-growing and loved by many, Louisiana cookbooks have multiplied.

These cookbooks are made by different chefs who know and love the rich culture and history of the dishes. The recipes in the cookbooks result in dishes that will make your dinner table a Louisianian feast. Traditional and common dishes are in the cookbooks, as well as the basics that will help you become better at cooking these dishes. To help you look for the best Louisiana cookbook for your home, here are top 5 cookbooks in the market.

Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen Cookbook

This cookbook is written by world-famous chef, Paul Prudhomme. In this cookbook are creative dishes that you will love cooking in your own home. You will be able to cook the finest Louisiana dishes created by a chef with authentic Cajun and Creole roots. The dishes in this cookbook are also preserves of the Louisiana tradition that’s a fast-growing cuisine in the United States. This book is also very affordable so you can have great home cooked dishes at home.

The recipes in this cookbook were created in a test kitchen and were perfected to get the best results. This test kitchen of Paul Prudhomme had a home-size stove with utensils that you’d typically have in your own home. This setting was done to be able to really understand and make a recipe that’s suitable for a home kitchen. Being a chef, he must be able to differentiate what’s like cooking at home and in a restaurant. The recipes were tested twice or thrice just to see if it’s already a masterpiece. This cookbook contains a lot of traditional recipes like Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Etouffee, Pecan Pie, and much more. The recipes were innovated and improved to have a more modern and authentic feel when cooked at home. There are also new recipes that were derived and inspired by the more traditional ones. To name some recipes are Veal and Oyster Crepes, Panted Chicken and Fettucini, and Seafood Stuffed Zucchini with Seafood Cream Sauce.

To name some recipes are Veal and Oyster Crepes, Panted Chicken and Fettucini, and Seafood Stuffed Zucchini with Seafood Cream Sauce. This also contains his masterpieces like Blackened Redfish, to help to enjoy this in the comforts of your own home. This cookbook will definitely make you happy by bringing Louisiana traditions in your own home. At such an affordable price, you won’t even think twice about buying this one.

River Road Recipes: The Textbook of Louisiana Cuisine

This community cookbook features a lot of traditional and priceless Creole and Cajun recipes. If you want to go back to the basics and start from the bottom to fully understand Louisiana cuisine, then this one’s the best cookbook for you. You get to learn everything and eventually make yourself a great Louisiana cook.

This cookbook contains over 650 recipes. Some of these recipes go back to the basics of Louisiana cuisine, like how to make a roux. The recipes in this cookbook have been constantly appearing on dinner tables and are definitely something worth having, especially during Thanksgiving. Everything in this cookbook will let you feel and cook like an authentic cook from Louisiana. Creole and Cajun roots will immediately be brought to your own kitchen when you decide to try one out and cook it at your home. The recipes are easy to follow through to make dishes that make great use of the southern food groups like sugar, salt, and alcohol. Don’t trust this cookbook to be healthy because if you want authentic Louisianian cuisine, you have to be down for all the greasy and sinful food in here.

Use this cookbook for holidays to fix meals that the family will surely enjoy and love. Whether it’s going back to the basics or feeling like an expert in this cuisine, this textbook for Louisiana cuisine recipes will guide you through it all. It’s affordable and it’s worth it.

Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link’s Louisiana Cookbook

This cookbook is made by an award-winning chef that has lived and cooked in the Cajun area. His stories will be the source and inspiration for his recipes that will give you authentic Louisiana flavors and food. These recipes will be nostalgic memories that he will present to let you experience what it’s like to cook with Cajun roots. Quite expensive though, but absolutely worth it.

This cookbook will be an experience through different festivals, celebrations, and smokehouses that will reveal the main ingredients of each of his recipes. It will be a series of personal stories and essays that will incorporate you in his family relationships and friendships. From fish fries to Granny’s pots of gumbo, you will experience the Louisiana cuisine at its finest. This cookbook contains different recipes, traditional and innovated ones, that are easy-to-follow and definitely delicious. Traditional ones like Seafood Gumbo and Louisiana Crawfish Boudin to innovated ones like Smothered Pork Roast over Rice will be shown step-by-step by how Link prepares them. Desserts like Bourbon-Soaked Bread Pudding and Blueberry Ice Cream will also be in this cookbook.

This cookbook will be an adventure in itself while you learn more about Link’s life and Louisiana cuisine. The recipes will feel as authentic as they are personal because it’s not just a mere cookbook but it’s also a view for this ever-growing cuisine at its home court.

Emeril Lagasse’s Louisiana: Real and Rustic Cookbook

Here’s a cookbook that emphasizes on the passionate flavors of Louisianian cuisine. Emeril Lagasse wants to showcase not just how to cook their food but also how these food are made from flavors that are rooted back to their traditions within their culinary state. These are delicious dishes have been adapted and personalized to get more enjoyable food on your tables.

This contains about 150 recipes of different traditional and regional dishes that have been passed on from generation to generation. The prize-winning chef has filled the cookbook with countless Fricassees, meat pies, oyster fries, and much more. These recipes are spiced up to give you the Louisiana feast at the comfort of your own home. The melting pot of different cultural cuisines, like France and Africa, will be presented through the flavors and recipes that will make each of the dishes unique and delicious. It shows how different ingredients will be essential for each recipe as they not only emphasize the flavor but also the history behind the dish and the traditions that have improvised it. You will be thrown in Louisiana’s history with this cookbook, so be prepared for the cooking of your life.

Each recipe is a feast of flavors that you will love and enjoy. It’s not only a cookbook but also a walk through the traditions and stories that have brought about flavorful and powerful recipes. You won’t regret buying this one.

Junior League of Lake Charles Louisiana Pirate’s Pantry: Treasured Recipes of Southwest Louisiana

This is a cookbook that also brings mysteries of the Louisianian cuisine to life. The bold flavors from local ingredients will bring you a glimpse of the mystery that surrounds some of the dishes by this place. This is also a great book for learning the basics of the Louisianian cuisine.

The mystery of the spirit of Jean Lafitte will be brought to life in this cookbook. Basics will be shown so you’d eventually become great at this cuisine. Starting from the bottom will be a great way to master the more difficult recipes. There’s a mix between easy, moderate, and difficult recipes here, so, prepare to be challenged and educated. Some of the recipes include one whole section on gumbo, jambalaya, boudin, bouillon, and other flavorful recipes. This cookbook is filled with recipes that are innovated by the history that surrounds it, from the flavors themselves to the vignettes. But be warned that this cookbook will not make you lose weight, instead, you will gain a lot more.

This cookbook is so wonderful that you would want to give it to your friends and family to enjoy. Be engrossed in the rich culture of the Louisianian cuisine and enjoy the feasts you will have with this cookbook.


These cookbooks are the keys to turning your kitchen into an authentic Louisianian kitchen. From the basic recipes to the mroe complex ones, you are in for a flavorful feast. Some of these cookbooks will even briefly walk you through the rich culture and history. Say hello to authentic dishes that your hands will make.

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