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After thousands of years, some people still enjoy longbows for sports like archery and target practicing or to make a living by hunting animals for food, especially survivalists and doomsday preppers. Some people like longbows in countries where firearm ownership is illegal, yet owning a longbow is still permitted. Handmade ancient styles are still marketed against modernized forms. Some contemporary changes include using modern materials like fiberglass. A longbow can have a limited recurve, but if there’s too much recurve it shouldn’t be considered a longbow. An advantage longbows have over recurves is instinctive shooting.

Longbowmaker Hungarian Handmade Longbow Flagella

This Hungarian style, fiberglass bow with an Asian style of drawing arrows, is 145 centermeters long. It’s high quality and handmade in China from one of the biggest longbow makers in the country. The quality is finely crafted with no irregularities. One person said that their hemp bindings weren’t smooth enough, so they used acrylic. A few people didn’t like the type of string included, but it’s just a string, so you can easily change it for negligible costs. The included string is surprisingly strong, consisting of several twisted strands.

Longbowmaker reportedly have good customer service. It’s nice to shoot arrows with this bow, and it has a smooth draw. But before using this longbow, you’ll need to know the correct way to string it. It helps to have some arm strength for drawing. To avoid possible hand discomfort when shooting, wearing a protective arm guard can resolve feedback pain.

Buffalo Hunting Handmade Recurve Horsebow Longbow for Adults

This Chinese longbow is finely crafted just like the top ranking bow reviewed here, and as with that bow, this one is also another Asian style shooter from China. It’s lightweight fiberglass, but mostly appears as a classic longbow without modern “improvements.” This lightness, including easier drawing, makes it possible for those lacking strength, to take up ancient style archery. It might be uncomfortable to use for those with long arms, because this is a shorter longbow.

The maker has warm customer service with personal touches. You might have trouble stringing it unless you know how to do it properly. It might be difficult to find replacement strings, but the one included with a new longbow can last over 3,000 arrow shots. Some people described this as a silent longbow. It has a light “recoil” effect. Take note that longbows need maintenance, including replacement strings after months of much use.

Southland Archery Supply Pioneer Traditional Wood Long Bow

A quality longbow with a beautiful, lightweight, flawless body made of more than just fiberglass. You get what you pay for with this bow, and that’s exquisite quality, with expertly designed workmanship such as limbs made of laminated Maple, and the riser consisting of Cassia Siamea and wood from Makore. This sturdy bow has a length of 68 inches. Unfortunately it’s only right handed.

It’s a great shooter and really quiet, with straight, smooth shots, giving minimal shock to your hand. Some have experienced handshock expected for this class of longbow. Drawing is easy depending on your strength. Customer service is good, and caring with returns. Even if you’re new to archery, this bow is a great starter. Many folk started out with this exact model. As for durability, we have some indication based on the testimony of a buyer, who said theirs was still running well after a year.

What to Look For

There are high quality lower priced handmade longbows coming out of China, with good customer service. You should consider the legality of shipping, and possession of a longbow in your area. Your height, arm length and strength, are important factors to consider when choosing a longbow. Sizes are usually available, especially for arm strength.


The cheaper Chinese longbows were more popular than the expensive Western produce. The Chinese longbows were reportedly high quality, but it seemed the nearest American rival may have been better, yet the much higher cost seems to have discouraged a lot of consumers who were content with a cheaper yet good quality bow. The Chinese bows were shipped direct from China to overseas customers. Their customer service was very good with one or the other having traits such as warmness, patience, fairness, trust and generosity. China has a history of longbows for millennia, and is a world renown longbow maker.

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