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Are you a seasoned hunter? If so, then you might have found that hunting when the sun has set is one of the most daunting parts of outdoor hunting. You have limited to poor vision with no outdoor lights to help you. You’re stuck in the wild blindsided as you’re waiting to hunt or to be hunted. However, it’s not the end of the world. What hunters need most to be able to hunt even at night is the use of lighted nock. This thing is attached to the arrow which allows the hunter where the arrow is headed.

Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks

Providing the best assistant during the dark for the hunters will be the Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks. The best-lighted nock comes with features that only premium lighted nock will have. One of the great features to have with the Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks is the color of the LED light which can come in blue, green, red, and pink. As crazy as it sounds, it’s still a great feature. The Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks have great visibility and long lasting batteries when used. It can last for more than 20 hours while being waterproof and shock resistant – all that comes with no assembly at all.

Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock

If you’re not into bow and arrow, then chances are you might be using a crossbow. We really can’t argue with that as it can offer better power and function when push comes to shove. Lucky for you, the second best lighted nock is made for crossbows. With the Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock, you’ll be able to track every arrow that you shoot into the dark. The Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock is shorter compared to arrows with LED colors lighting to the blue, green, red, and hot pink bulbs. The Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock comes adjustable with easy on and off design all in a durable covering from the aluminum housing.

Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks

Coming off as the third best lighted nock, the Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks come with similar features and usage with the bet lighted nock, however, the tip is where the standing out feature rests. The Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks can fit gold tip arrows which come with an inside diameter of .246. For the rest, here’s what you’re getting. The Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks can light green, red, blue, and pink LED bulbs – with those bulbs featuring weather resistance and shock resistance for extreme conditions. All that while letting you hunt all throughout night and day with its more than 20 hours of battery life.

What to Look For

The main reason why you’re buying a lighted nock or lighted nocks is for you to be able to easily locate the arrow or bolt just in case you didn’t hit your target, thus saving you ammunition for the long run. And in case if you did hit your target, you’ll easily know it even at the dark as you won’t be able to see the light at all or you’ll be seeing a rather faint light at the very least. With that said, the brightness of the LED bulb is one of the main features that you need to look at when looking out for the best lighted nock.

Although the brightness of the LED might come as the most important feature, you need to couple that with a few useful features that’ll let you enjoy the rest of the hunt at night. Since you’ll be shooting arrows and bolts against almost anything that you see out in the wild, it needs the right protection for the LED bulb to work for another round. Meaning – features like shock and weather resistance come just as important as looking out for the brightest LED bulb. You’ll be needing to have these features to ensure you won’t be buying another lighted nock which could cost quite expensive in the long run.

Furthermore, you won’t know what your arrow or bolt will hit as you’re blind during the night, that unless you have a night vision.

Next to that will be the housing of the lighted nock itself. In order for the whole thing to avoid dismantling itself upon impact, it needs to have a durable housing to protect every part of itself. In this case, the best is to look out for aluminum casing or housing instead of opting for plastic material. No need to explain this further as you know what’s the difference between the two.


Hunting is a waiting game. Once you hit sunset, it’ll be harder to keep up with your prey. In this case, a lighted nock will assist you in the game. When looking out for the best lighted nock, check the LED luminosity as well as the housing which will feature the needed weather and shock resistance. That said, the best lighted nock is the Nockturnal-S Lighted Nocks

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