Best Lighted Keyboard

Suffering from a poor vision because of overexposure to computer? Even though you’re wearing eye glasses, prevent it from worsening by using our best lighted keyboards.

Azio Lighted Keyboard

Do you sometimes still look closely at your keyboard to ensure that you’re pressing the right buttons? Avoid this hassle with Azio KB505U Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard.

This lighted keyboard is composed of large-etched keys to prevent you from bending closer to it, especially if you’re in a rush to finish an important paperwork. Plus, it gives you the navigation convenience with its multimedia system and hotkeys.

This 1.8-pound product measures 18.4 inches long, 7.4 inches wide, and 1.1 inches thick. Choose between three and five-color variants. It comes in colors – red, blue, purple, pink, cyan, and chartreuse.

Logitech Lighted Keyboard

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard K740 with Laser-etched Backlit Keyboard and Soft-touch Palm Rest

Are your fingers becoming slightly calloused because of your keyboard’s hard and rough surface? Replace it with Logitech K740 Illuminated Ultra-Thin Keyboard.

This lighted keyboard includes a soft-touch palm rest design that makes typing comfortable for you. As a result, your fingers won’t look and feel beaten up from long hours of consistent typing. Moreover, it has an amazingly 1/3-inch slim feature for easy storage.

This 2.31-pound product measures 18 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 3 inches thick. It’s compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, or Vista, and has a USB port.

Ivation Lighted Keyboard

Ivation Large Print Letter Illuminated Full Size Multimedia Computer Keyboard - Clear White LED Lights Illuminate Each Key, Eliminating Stress to Your Eyes

Are you usually suffering from eye strain because your keyboard’s light is either too bright or too dim? Relieve yourself from such a problem with Ivation Full-Size Large-Print Letter Illuminated Multimedia Computer Keyboard.

This lighted keyboard consists of a brightness adjustment that lets you easily fix its light’s brightness level according to your preference, so you won’t be bothered by eye strain. It also has larger, bold-print characters to help you easily see what you’re typing.

This 1.9-pound product measures 18 inches long, 6.2 inches wide, and 0.87 inch thick. It comes in two different colors – white and blue.

What to Look For

Taking care of your eyes as early as possible is important to prevent total vision impairment. To make this happen, you need a lighted keyboard with the following components.

  • Large-Print Characters – A lighted keyboard must have large-print characters to help you easily see what you’re pressing. The danger with other lighted keyboards is even though they’re backlit, their characters are written in a small fashion, creating an illusionary effect with their lights, making them more difficult to see by those who already have a blurry vision.
  • Smooth Surface – Consistent typing for a very long period could be a drag because it might beat up your fingers, and cause joint and muscle pains. So, you have to get a lighted keyboard that has a smooth surface that’s gentle on your fingers, for a convenient typing, regardless of your typing duration.
  • Brightness Adjustment – Whether you’re experiencing eye strain or not, opt for a lighted keyboard that’s equipped with a brightness adjustment. Take note, both insufficient lighting and excessive lighting could force your eyes to abruptly adapt to them, making them feel painful. Therefore, you should be able to fix your keyboard’s light in an eye-friendly manner.


Owning a lighted keyboard with large-print characters, smooth surface, and brightness adjustment, prevents your blurry vision from worsening, which could eventually lead to blindness.

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