Best Lifting Gloves

The best lifting gloves let you work out safely by protecting your hands when carrying weights. Some might discount lifting gloves as an excessive accessory. However, if you’re serious about weight training then you should get a pair to make sure your hands are secure.

It helps prevent callouses. Moreover, it protects your hands if you suddenly lose your grip on the bar. Innovative products even provide wrist support. If you plan to get a pair but aren’t sure how to shop for it, we feature the top products in this category for your consideration.

Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

The Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves for men features a half-finger design. This provides a better tactile contact with what you’re lifting. At the same time, it offers the protection you need when lifting weights. Foam backing around the fingers prevents the possibility of scuffs while you train. The wrist closure is fully adjustable so you can modify it easily to fit you well.

Its StretchBack Lycra material gives you better flexibility. It spreads across the back of your hand and in between your fingers. Because it offers breathability, you’ll feel comfortable while wearing it. The palm area has double leather material to provide a better grip.

Thus, you can say goodbye to sweaty hands and hello to quality and better movement with the Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves for men.

Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Wraps Support

The Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Wraps Support combines form and function. Thus, you look good while wearing it. More importantly, you’ll feel comfortable and protected having them on. It’s crafted with quality, sturdy leather around the palm area. This provides you with a better grip. The backside features a breathable mesh material for ventilation to minimize sweating.

The Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Wraps Support is recommended for men and women. Check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to get the right fit. Aside from lifting weights, these gloves are also useful when cross training and other heavy fitness workout programs.

Each purchase of the Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Gloves With 12″ Wrist Wraps Support comes with a one-year warranty. During this time, you have a no-hassle replacement guarantee for free.

Fit Four Weightlifting Gloves

The Fit Four Weightlifting Gloves features a distinct design that’s unlike other products in this category. Also known as The Gripper, this product can take on high intensity training. It’s a better alternative to using tape and other types of hand grips.

The Fit Four Weightlifting Gloves provide enough coverage to protect your fingers from callous. Yet not too much as you’ll maintain a good tactile feel. In addition, it doesn’t move around as you pull up.

Apart from weightlifting, you can use these gloves to take on the CrossFit Workout of the Day, WOD for short. It’s also great for rope climbing and a kettle bell workout. The Fit Four Weightlifting Gloves is available in four colors, Black, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, and Neon Green.

What to look for

Using the best lifting gloves protects you from blisters. At the same time, gives you a better grip when you lift. To make sure you get the best product in this category, remember to consider these factors while shopping.

  • Design – It’s best to choose a fingerless design for lifting gloves. The openings provide better air circulation so there’s lesser chance of sweating underneath. It also improves your grip and lets you lift with greater dexterity. Avoid full-fingered gloves if you tend to perspire a lot.
  • Fabric – It’s advisable to choose lifting gloves made of neoprene fabric. This material is breathable. Thus, you won’t get sweaty, uncomfortable palms while wearing a pair. In addition, the fabric is lightweight so it won’t feel cumbersome to wear. For a better grip, consider a pair with leather palms for better traction. Leather also lasts longer than other lifting glove materials like vinyl.
  • Care – Buying a pair of lifting gloves means you’re serious about your fitness. Thus, you want to make sure the product will last and be useful for a long time. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the lifting gloves. Find out if it’s machine washable or if you’ll have to hand wash it.


Shopping for the best lifting gloves is easier if you keep in mind these factors. Consider the design. If you sweat a lot, then you’ll be better off with a fingerless design rather than the full fingered version. Assess the fabric to check if it’s breathable. At the same time, it should afford you a better grip.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions on care. You want to be able to keep it in good condition. Thus, you can use it for a long time. For your additional consideration, remember to check out these top products in this category. Perhaps, one of these has the qualities you’re looking for in the best lifting gloves.

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