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Back in the day, hula hoops were merely made of basic wood and plastic. Nowadays, people have innovated these hula hoops into LED hula hoops, with some also capable of changing their colors and patterns. If you’re worried about the LED lights running out of batteries, you don’t have to anymore because these hula hoops also come with rechargeable batteries. Other than being convenient, these batteries will also save you the cost of having to buy new ones every time. The list below shows the top 3 LED hula hoops in the market that people have highly-rated and reviewed the most.

Rhode Island Novelty LED Hula Hoop

Rhode Island Novelty offers a LED hula hoop that’s going to look and feel great. This is glowing retro LED hula hoop that’s 28 inches big. When you give it a twirl, it gives off a cosmic glow that looks great and gives a really retro vibe. This is perfect for any teen or adult who wants to complete their retro look. This comes with an on/off switch. It also has 6 different flashing patterns that give a wonderful variety to the retro vibe. Each package of this comes with 3 AA batteries that will be used for it.

ElectricLifeStylz LED Hula Hoop

If you’re looking for a LED hula hoop that’s quite unique, then this one from ElectricLifeStylz might be the one for you. It’s quite big being 36 inches in diameter. It also has 24 color changing Led lights that mimic cotton candies adding much beauty to your hula hoop. It also comes with a 3.6-volt rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that will completely remove the hassle of having to buy new batteries every time the current ones are drained out. Not only that, you can also use 2 AA batteries just in case you need to use it while it’s charging.

The Hoop Shop LED Hula Hoop

Another wonderful LED hula hoop is this one from The Hoop Shop. This company guarantees that their hula hoops are made from the high-quality materials that are already tested and proven before they ship them out. You can easily charge the hula hoop without having an awkward bump on one area. You just need to push one button and you’re good to go. It contains 28 strobing LED lights that will change into 7 different patterns while you hoop. It also has a button that allows you to easily turn it on and off. This uses 3.6-volt lithium ion batteries.

What to look for

Not all of these LED hula hoops are as reliable as how they are advertised. You have to be very careful and watch out for these things so that you will go home happy with a wonderful hula hoop.

  • Material – although the ones reviewed above don’t necessarily indicate what kind of materials were used to make them, you still have to do your research and read about the materials used. Not every hula hoop is hard-wearing, so definitely look this up.
  • Size – there are several different sizes for these hula hoops, some are either 28 inches in diameter, while some are 36 inches. It’s up to your preference on how big these hula hoops should be.
  • LED light – it’s also up to you to choose a hula hoop with varying designs. You also need to read about how the LED lights were installed and whether they’ll last long. Some of these hula hoops have LED lights that change patterns while you’re using it. Not all hula hoops have the same number of LED lights so base it on your preference.
  • Rechargeable batteries – this is not necessary but it’s undoubtedly convenient for you to have one that allows you to recharge the batteries instead of having to buy new ones. Other than being convenient, as stated before, it also helps you save on the costs when buying new ones.


While some people still prefer the traditional hula hoops that don’t have LED lights, it’s undeniable that these LED hula hoops are quite attractive when used. The prices of these hula hoops vary from brand to brand, so you should be able to look for the best one for you. There are a lot of different options in the market.

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