Best Lavender Hair Dyes

Beauty is something that has been around ever since the existence of life. It can be seen everywhere: nature and in us human beings. Through time, lots of things have evolved and developed. Industries and technology are rising. There are indeed lots of things available at hand now that we can all or maybe most of us are thankful for.

Starting it off with the beauty industry. Businesses are running well out of producing products that enhance beauty. Whether we admit it or not, our physical appearance matters a lot not because it is the only thing that could give us self-worth but simply because we want to be presentable. This, itself, is a sign that we take good care of ourselves.

Lots of things are available today that we can enjoy. It’s not just about what is needed or important but it’s also about what you can enjoy and explore for yourself. These help us experience more so that we can be more unique than the usual.

Particularly, color gives us different moods and vibes. It helps us express ourselves. For such our hair color will determine the kind of person or will express a bit of who we are as a person. That’s why we did our best to come up with the top 5 available hair colors.

Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Lala Lavender

Sparks Long Lasting Bright Hair Color, Lala Lavender, 3 Ounce

Lavender is indeed one of the most beautiful colors and now just imagine if you could have a hair that comes in a color of lavender. Actually, you can easily do that through using this hair color. It will give you wonderful vibrant color and also it would be long-lasting. This item has been specifically made and Design to be compatible when it comes to mixing with other colors sorry if ever you would prefer something lighter or darker than this you can easily do that with a bit of mixture.

Unlike any other hair colors, this one would not dry out your hair. Actually, it would make your hair healthier looking and more condition than it was before. Aside from getting your dream hair color it would also make you happy because it would not dry out your lovely locks. Your crowning Glory will remain vibrantly bold in color and fun but still healthy and filled with volume.
The item only weighs 5.6 Oz and it measures 2 inches by 1.3 inches by 8 inches. By the way the ingredients are safe and very efficient than effective too that’s why I could absolutely say that this hair color would keep the shade in your hair for a long time.

Creative Images Systems Adore Semi-permanent Hair Color #90 Lavender

Adore Creative Image Semi-permanent Hair Color #90 Lavender

One of the most impressive things about this hair color is that it is very safe to use since it doesn’t have any peroxide it doesn’t have any alcohol or it doesn’t even have ammonia in it. This item is actually very innovative because despite of not having lots of chemicals it can still infuse every single strand of your hair with color so that it would vibrantly and look seriously burst with it.

This one is semi-permanent hair color as it provides something that comes more natural to keep your hair very healthy and shiny. Despite of just recently coloring it would actually be softer and silkier than it was before and therefore it does not just give you or change your color but it also enhances it.
It has a dimension of 5.1 inches by 1.6 in by 5.1 in and it only weighs 4 ounces. This is very easy to use and very portable. You can easily do the coloring on your own without having the need to ask for help.

La Riche Directions Hair Colour – Lavender

Directions Hair Colour - Lavender 88ml Tub

Weighing only 3.5 oz and measuring 2.2 inches x 2.2 inches x 2.8 inches you would actually almost assume that this item is too small or might not be enough or it might not be exactly very efficient. However, I would absolutely say that the dust exact opposite because it is very effective and convenient to use.

I have absolutely loved this item and I have a gut feeling that you would do. It would not just give you a solid color but it would also provide something glowing vibrant and long-lasting. Just like most of us who have used this item I think it’s safe to say that this one is my favorite and it could probably be yours too if you get to try it. It is even also safe for those who have a virgin or untreated here because it would not damage your hair at all it would actually soften it before it colors so that it penetrates each strand very well.

Onedor Professional Temporary/instant Hair Color/dye Highlights Streaks Touch Up

Professional Temporary/instant Hair Color/dye Highlights Streaks Touch Up (Lavender)

I think this item is the smallest among the others. Of course, that would be for a reason as it only weighs 2.4 Oz and it only measures 4.7 inches by 0.7 inches and by 0.9 inches. Unlike the others, this one is actually a temporary hair coloring because it is men to dye your hair instantly giving you highlights and touch-ups.

It is very safe to use and non-toxic because it would not harm your hair at all in you will absolutely see the result immediately without having to wait for a long time. After that, you can easily wash it and the color will already go away and it would go back to your natural hair color. This item is perfect for certain events locations and activities.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color Feria Pastels, P12 Lavender Dusk (Smokey Lavender)

L'Oreal Paris Hair Color Feria Pastels, P12 Lavender Dusk (Smokey Lavender)

Coming from one of the most popular brands when it comes to Hair Care this item is absolutely reliable. This one is actually ideal even for those whose hair have been already colored or have already been under treatment. It will give you a soft shimmering Smokey color but still it would be gentle in it would provide deep conditioning to your strands.

Being obviously bigger than the others it weighs 10.4 Oz and it has a dimension of 2.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 6.5 inches. This item is ideal for light blonde hairs so that you would have this Smokey pastel touch in the color would really pop out. It is also very easy to use and you can do it on your own without hiring someone or asking someone for how to apply hair color on you.

What to Look For

Hair colors are very much fun to use. There are lots of colors to try in so you can see which one looks best for you. Personally it is not just something that we buy or use for fun but it has now become an need. Some of us even use hair colors to cover up the whitening or greying of our hair. In this case making use of it is a good reason.

But of course, it’s not just also about the name because there are some of us who enjoy taking on different looks so they will discover what is the best color for them. Sometimes it is also a way of expressing yourself or letting others see you.

So in looking for the best hair color that comes in lavender, there are lots of things that you have to check and take an note of. First you have to see the shade or color. Sometimes the color that we want is not exactly the same with what we purchased. I am very much guilty of doing the same mistake a lot of times. So just in case you do not want to have the same kind of regret always check the color of the item that you’re about to get.

Next is you have to check the potency. Some hair colors are not exactly a strong when it comes to potency. You can actually check if a hair color is permanent or temporary. If you prefer something that would be more long-lasting than it would be good for you to buy or get the permanent hair color. Otherwise you can also get the temporary hair color you’re going to want the change in your look for just a day or maybe even for a shorter period of time.

Of course it may seem unimportant but you also have to check the chemical contents of the hair color. If you prefer something more natural I’m sure that you can also check the details above again to see if everything comes from the natural ingredients. We absolutely recommend those who have a sensitive hair or skin to do this most especially. Through this you can avoid allergies or any complications with your skin or destroying your hair

The last thing that you have to look for when you are going to buy a hair color is the volume. The size of the container who surely give you a a hint of the volume of the hair color. However it makes a lot of difference when you specifically check the volume. Through this you’d be able to estimate and see if there is enough for your hair.
Hopefully, all of these notes will help you in getting the right item.


This list includes the best lavender hair color that you can get in the market today. Hopefully you will get the best item and you won’t have any regret and getting your purchase. All in all if you remember all of the things that you have to look for before getting one I know that you would make the best choice for yourself. Hopefully this article has helped you in achieving that.

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