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Your eyelashes might seem like a small part of your body, but longer and thicker lashes will greatly impact your look. The best lash primer will help you achieve longer eyelashes that will complement your look. It also amplifies your mascara and keeps your lashes healthier and fuller. Moreover, it moisturizes your lashes to protect them and allow them to grow better.

We took a look at three of the best lash primers in town to see which of them produces the best results. Read on to find out the best lash primer that you can use to supplement your eye makeup.

L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Primer Mascara, 0.24 Fluid Ounce 

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Primer Mascara, Primer, 0.24 fl. oz.

The first lash primer that we have tested is one of the cheapest on the market. The L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Primer Mascara thickens your eyelashes and keeps them healthier. Moreover, it pumps up your mascara to give out an impression of natural looking lashes. I loved the fact that it was easy to apply and it kept my lashes separated without building clumps. In addition to this, you just have to remember to apply the mascara before the lash primer dries out so that it will provide excellent results and added volume. The best part was it does not smudge and it was extremely easy to remove with the use of a basic makeup remover.

blinc Lash Primer, .2 fl. oz.

blinc Lash Primer, Black

The next lash primer that we have tested is the blinc Lash Primer. It is a pricier model, but it provides extra volume to your lashes. It is a great partner to your mascara as it retains the black color of your mascara. Moreover, it provides the needed nutrients to promote lash growth. It keeps the lashes moisturized, which provides protection to your eyelashes. You can apply an added layer of lash primer once it dries if you want thicker lashes. However, you must apply the mascara while the last layer of the primer is still wet. You can also achieve the clean look of having separated lashes due to the silicone wand brush.

Lash Primer by Radiant Complex, .25 Fl Oz

Lash Primer by Radiant Complex, Best Eyelash Conditioner to Enhance Mascara, .25 Fl Oz (Lash Primer)

The last lash primer that we have used is made by Radiant Complex. Since this is a clear lash primer, you may find that the black color of the mascara can appear diluted. Similar to most lash primers, you must apply the mascara before the primer dries out to provide excellent results. However, it keeps your lashes free from clumps, which provides a cleaner look to your makeup. Moreover, it enhances the volume of your lashes and it does not smudge, too. Since this primer can also condition and moisturize your eyelashes or eyebrows, it promotes healthy growth and protection against hair damages.

What to Look For

When buying a lash primer, you may want to consider some factors.

Black vs. Clear Lash Primer – Picking between these two types of mascara will yield different results. A black lash primer will allow you to maintain the richness of the color of your mascara. However, a clear lash primer might dilute the color of your mascara.

Easy Application – When picking a lash primer, you would want a brand that is easy to apply since you do not want to be burdened when it comes to the application of your makeup if you are in a rush. If you can apply the lash primer evenly, it will eliminate the forming of clumps. This will allow you ensure that your makeup will look natural and clean.


And we are down to the last part of our review…

The best lash primer based on our review is the L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Voluminous Primer Mascara.

It thickens the lash when paired with a great mascara and it keeps them separated in a natural looking manner. In addition to this, it promotes healthy growth of the lashes since it also moisturizes the eyelash. You can also use this on your eyebrows and it also yields great results.

Now that we have finished our review for the best lash primer, we hope that we have helped you pick the lash primer that you can add to your makeup kit.

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