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If you’re out in a vast wide field and you’re involve in the activity of hunting and or golfing, you need to cover and measure the distance between you and the object you want to measure. Measuring wide field won’t do you good if you walk from point-to-point. In this case, a Laser Rangefinder will be helpful. Similar to how autofocus camera works, the Laser Rangefinder measures the distance between two objects via its laser beam feature in just a matter of seconds. Sometimes even faster. If you’re out looking for one, we’ve round up the best Laser Rangefinder that we can find.

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

The best won’t be the best if it features come sub par. But with the Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder, you’re bound to get the best and number feature when it comes to its classification. The Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder is boasting its ultra-compact size of 3.6 x 1.5 x 2.9 inches while weighing a very light 5.6-ounces only. For performance, you’re leading the game. The Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder comes with true 550-yard ranging capability featuring distant target priority mode with displays in 1-yard increments from its LCD display featuring long eye relief – all in a single button operation.

Simmons 801405 Laser Rangefinder 600

If you’re a beginner then the next product is the best one when it comes to simplistic operation. Coming off as the second best laser rangefinder, the Simmons 801405 Laser Rangefinder 600 will give you every feature that a beginner needs to know. TO start with, the Simmons 801405 Laser Rangefinder 600 has the capability to the optical magnification of up to 4x – ranging between 5-600 yard capacity. In a vertical configuration, it also comes with simple one button operation for users. For the display, you’re getting an in-view LCD display complete with class 1 laser with <1Mw average power output.

Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition Laser Rangefinder

If you’re looking for the best laser rangefinder for hunting then the next product will let you grab your money immediately. Coming off as the third best laser rangefinder, the Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder has a camo-like design on the outside clad in the brown sand together with its weather resistant housing against rain and such. The magnification level lets you zoom in up to 4x 20mm with its simple one button operation. For the laser, it’s of class 1 laser with high output. Upon purchase, you’re getting a case for the Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition Laser Rangefinder.

What to Look For

So, in a nutshell, a laser rangefinder is an autofocus camera for wide spaces. And from the name itself, it does nothing else but to measure the distance from point-to-point. Before, laser rangefinders weren’t this good as they were slow to measure and process with the inconsistency being the main focal problem. But with the emergence of technology, the presence of a laser solves the previous problems. Thus, athletes and hunters turning to laser rangefinder for a quick and accurate reading of a specific space. Although we might know the basic use of it and a bit of its background, it’s still not that easy to pick one out from the crowd.

Similar to other products, laser rangefinders also come in a variety. With that said, not all of them are created the same except for premium laser rangefinders where the only difference is the exclusive feature. But when you’re out there looking for the best bang for the buck, you need to at least know a few things such as our guidelines to allow you to pick one all by doing it yourself.

Power and range come in the package. For sure, you’d want a laser rangefinder that can accommodate further distance. However, just like in this world we live in, nothing is perfect. A laser rangefinder might have an enlisted maximum range but it’s not 100 percent reliable. Don’t fret as all laser rangefinders are like this. So, despite the power of the laser to shoot up to 800 yards, you’re being held back by the range itself. This comes in quality where manufacturers set a maximum point for specific laser rangefinders.

Next is tilt and angle. To make sure to get the most accurate reading, a laser rangefinder should be able to compensate for tilt and angle. With continuous movement when measuring a distance and unequal ground, you’re bound to adjust and adjust the laser rangefinder in order to get the clearest and accurate reading. With that said, a laser rangefinder should be able to adjust from these factors.

Finally, the mode. This can come in scan mode, brush, zip, and distant target priority. This falls on the needs of the user.


With the use of laser rangefinders, hunters, athletes, and alike can get a quick and accurate measure of a certain maximum distance. With that said, the best laser rangefinder is the Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder.

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