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Gone are the days of measuring space with a measuring tape or any tiring physical measuring tool. Say no more with manual measuring as we enter the new age of laser distance measuring. Just like what the name states, a laser distance measurer uses a laser to accurately measure space by simply pointing it on a wall. In just a matter of a few blinks, you’re provided with the most accurate measure of any certain space with at least two walls. With that said, we round up the best laser distance measures that you can currently get on the market.

Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure

The company that owns the best laser distance measurer yet won’t need a further introduction as they’re widely-known in the Western. Presenting the Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure – your best companion when it comes to measuring certain distance. The Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure can measure almost anything from distance, length, volume, and area – with support for continuous measurement as well as subtraction and addition. Strong backlighting is also one of its perks together with the pocket size feature with a dimension of 1.8 x 5.2 x 8 inches. For the Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure, it can measure up to 120 feet distance.

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer

Coming off as the second best laser distance measurer, the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer is another iteration of the previous best product in this list with almost the same premium features. The Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer can measure up to 165 ft or 50 m with an accuracy of 1/16-in or 1.55mm. The measurement can either be in volume, area, length, continuous measurement, and indirect length. The Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer even features three measuring referencing points – front, back, and center. The measuring product has an automatic backlit display that runs on two triple AAA batteries which are already included.

Uxcell Laser Distance Measure

In terms of style and variant availability, the Uxcell Laser Distance Measure is the best that you can get for now. The Uxcell Laser Distance Measure is available in two colors which are red and yellow which can be paired with either 40M, 60M, and 80M. The Uxcell Laser Distance Measure features an easy conversion of measuring units switching from meter to inch and feet. The product can even further measure area, volume, and distance in just one click – with support for indirect measurement of Pythagorean measurement. The backlight LCD comes at a large size which allows for reporting of error and auto correction.

What to Look For

At first, it might be a daunting task to look for the right laser distance measurer when you’re coming from the traditional style. However, that’s a common mistake which most of us found. It’s actually not that hard to choose a laser distance measurer that can match your needs. Most of the time, if you’re measuring just the distance, the most basic laser distance measurer would do just fine. But in case you’re measuring more than the distance between two points, that’s the time you’re going to involve a little bit of keenness.

When you’re looking for a laser distance measurer, make sure to know first what you’re going to measure. Not all laser distance measurer has the feature to support certain measurements like volume, area, as well as continuous and indirect measurement. The latter features are mostly found on premium laser distance measurers and suited for professional or intensive use.

Next feature to look at is the display. A backlit display is a must if you’re looking to work even at night. Second to the backlit display is the size. It needs to be large enough to easily look at and determine the number being presented on the display.

Another thing to look out for, and it’s one of the most important features is the maximum length that it can support. Even though it sports laser technology to measure distance, the technology used is limited, at least for some, when it comes to checking the distance. You won’t be able to measure up to 500m when you’re planning to construct a stadium, most laser distance measurers – even the premium type are limited of up to 160M. Wise to check first the distance it can cover before passing it to the counter.


Laser distance measurer has become a reliable alternative to traditional measuring tape as it provides a much accurate reading in comparison. Moreover, it can also compute area, volume, as well as multiple measurements in just one simple click of a button. Although it runs on battery and costs more than your usual tape measurement, these two disadvantages are worth overlooking considering what you’re getting. That said, the best laser distance measurer is the Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure which sports the aforementioned features all the while being pocketable.

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