Best Lasagna Pan

The best lasagna pan is your ally in the kitchen to make sure your savory creation comes out perfectly. How many times have you slaved over this recipe, only to see the sauce bubble and spill over the edge of a pan? Worse, imagine yourself cleaning it up afterwards.

Throw out your misery and get the best lasagna pan instead. However, your choice won’t be easy as there’s a lot to choose from. To help you, we feature the top products in this category for your consideration.

Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan

The Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan lets you create three variants of this dish using just one pan. Thus, you have a choice of which one you’ll want to eat first. Moreover, this solves the problem of having a guest who doesn’t eat meat.

Its three in one design lets you cook three dinners at once. You can choose to freeze two for future meals or for company. Each purchase comes with a custom fit spatula. Thus, scooping out your first serving gets easier. More importantly, it won’t be such a mess.

The Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan measures 12 x 15 x 3 inches. It’s long enough to fit a standard lasagna noodle so your layers will look great. The product is made of nonstick coated steel and is color Silver. For your convenience, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan

The Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan is made of stainless steel. This material keeps the flavor of your lasagna true. So, it’s appetizing. Best of all, nothing sticks to it. You get everything out easily. Its elegant finish makes it the ideal oven to dinner table lasagna pan. It has two stainless steel handles for a sure and comfortable grip.

The product measures 10.5 x 3 x 13 inches making it the perfect serving size for a buffet party. It will also fit inside any standard oven. Each purchase of the Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan comes with a stainless steel roasting rack. Thus, you can use it to whip up other dishes like Au Gratin Potatoes, Casseroles, and Stuffed Shells also.

HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan

The HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan makes oven-to-table serving a breeze. It’s made of glazed fine quality white porcelain so it’s durable. Moreover, you won’t be ashamed to use it as a serving dish because of its elegant finish. Thus, it’s ideal to use for any occasion.

The product measures 13 x 9 inches with a depth of 2.5 inches. This allows you to build deep layers for a satisfying lasagna meal. On the other hand, you can also use the HIC Oblong Rectangular Baking Dish Roasting Lasagna Pan to make mac and cheese or baked ziti, even meatloaf.

In the case of leftovers, simply cover it with foil and store in the refrigerator. When hungry, you can easily reheat it in the microwave, oven, or broiler. Once everything is gone, you can easily put it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

What to look for

Shopping for your best lasagna pan gets easier if you take into account these factors. Each factor highlights a quality that you need to consider when choosing this type of product. Thus, you’ll be able to shop faster and get cooking sooner.

  • Material – Preferably, choose stainless steel, stoneware, or porcelain-coated cast iron for the best results. You’ll have a better chance of achieving a crisp edge. Plus, you get the right amount of browning. You can also opt for a glass or metal pan. Do note glass and metal has their own distinct characteristics. Glass pans distribute heat evenly and stay warm even after cooking. Plus, you can take it straight from the oven to the dinner table. But you’ll need to lower your cooking temperature and extend your baking time if you use glass so as to avoid over browning or over baking. You’ll get the perfect brown when using a metal pan as it’s a better heat conductor than glass. However, there’s a chance of getting a metallic taste as acidic foods react to cast iron and aluminum.
  • Depth and Length – These are the key qualities of this dish that you’ll want to achieve with the best lasagna pan. Ideally, you’ll want a pan that’s at least 2 inches deep. For better results, you can go as high as 4 inches. This lets you build more layers for a more filling meal. But don’t go beyond 5 as it would be harder to serve and keep the layers intact. You’ll need a long pan to accommodate the pasta’s shape. A lasagna pan measuring 9 x 13 inches works best. Thus, you’ll have enough room to spread pasta, sauce, and cheese without overlapping or breaking it up.
  • Care – Cleaning is an inescapable part of cooking. Check the label to find out if it’s dishwasher safe or if it requires any special care.


You’ll be cooking your next lasagna dish in the best pan sooner if you keep in mind these factors while shopping. Consider the type of material you want. Check the size to make sure it offers the ideal depth and length to create the perfect dish.

To help you further, remember to check out the top products in this category. Maybe one of these has the qualities you want in the best lasagna pan.

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