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We’re done having lanterns that are not as bright and as lightweight. The designs of the lanterns nowadays feature a lightweight and collapsible design that’s not only great for your house but also great from outdoor use like traveling and camping. These lanterns are also really bright despite their size and last longer than most when you find the right one. Not only that, they’re affordable for anyone on a tight budget. These also feature a 360-degree illumination from the lamp. Sounds great, right? The list below shows the top 3 highly-rated lanterns in the market that you might just love.

Etekcity Camping Lantern

If you’re looking for an ultra-bright lantern, Etekcity gives you one of the best. This highly-rated lantern comes with 30 individual low-powered LED bulbs that are super bright and designed to have a longer lifespan. It can also give you 360 degrees of bright light without wasting so much energy. This lantern is military-grade and assures you that this will last you a long time. It’s lightweight and collapsible to a smaller size when you don’t use. It’s easy to store because it takes up little space. It also consumes less and lights up to 12 hours. Uses AA batteries.

Vont Camping Lantern

This top-rated lantern from Vont advertises itself as the brightest lantern on Amazon. You wouldn’t expect such bright light from a small lantern. It’s made of military-grade materials that will make it water-resistant and last longer than most lanterns out there. It’s not just great for indoor use but for outdoor use, as well. You can easily carry around and store this lantern because it’s designed to be lightweight and compact. With just a simple push, you can also easily adjust its brightness. Its built with 30 premium LEDs to provide maximum bright and it’s consumes less to last longer.

MalloMe Lantern

Another ultra-bright lantern is this one from MalloMe. It’s a 360-degree 146 Luman LED lantern. It’s made from extremely durable materials that are built to last you a lifetime. It easily collapses to a small bundle that will be easy to control and store. The lifespan of the bulbs is over 100, 000 hours making is one of the long-lasting lanterns out there. It’s not just great for outdoor use but also great for indoor use like work light and reading light for night use. It comes in 4 different colors, black, blue, green, and gold. Also has 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What to look for

These lanterns, although affordable, can still be a waste of money if they don’t last long. Another thing is not every lantern is compatible to what you really need. Hence, these are the things you need to consider when looking for a lantern:

  • Brightness – this is the most important aspect of lanterns because after all you this is what you need it for. Check how many LED bulbs are there and how much Lumens it gives out.
  • Power Consumption – better look for a lantern that consumes less so that you can save more for a longer period of time. If you buy a lantern that consumes really quickly, then you might just have a problem if you don’t have enough back-up batteries around. Better buy one that has a low consumption to save you on energy and money.
  • Weight – it’s important to take note of the weight because if you’re going to use it outdoors, it’s a hassle to bring around such a heavy lantern. After all, lanterns these days are considerably lightweight and great to be brought anywhere.
  • Collapsibility – it’s not every hour of the day that you’ll need to use a lantern. Hence, you need to see if the lantern is collapsible so you can easily store it in a safe and cool place whenever you don’t need to use it. This feature allows it to convenience for you as a user.


With the ever innovating features of these lanterns, you get to have more and pay for less. These lanterns are definitely going to last long as long as you also know how to properly use and maintain them whenever you won’t use them. Just choose the most convenient lantern for you and you’re good to go.

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