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Kneeling chairs are one of the things that people with back strain really find convenient. This is one of the best inventions for them because it helps reduce the strain on the lower back by dividing one’s weight between the knees and buttocks. It’s also great for people who sit on chairs for longer periods of time because it helps reduce the strain and exhaustion they’ll feel afterwards. Though not all kneeling chairs prove to be comfortable for you, here’s a list of the top 3 kneeling chairs in the market that are highly rated and garnered many reviews.

Flash Furniture Wooden Kneeling Chair

Flash Furniture Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Black Fabric

This highly rated kneeling chair from Flash Furniture has garnered a lot of positive reviews that will help you convince to buy it. It’s a wooden kneeling chair that’s ergonomically designed to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed when using it. Its width measures 17.5 inches, its height measures 24 inches, and it’s depth measures 26.5 inches. It’s made with a black fabric upholstery that gives it a unique look and a thickly padded seat and knee rest that will help relax and feel comfortable. The height can be adjusted with its frame and it has a natural wood finish.

Office Star Wooden Kneeling Chair

Here’s a slightly more affordable kneeling chair from Office Star. This kneeling chair is ergonomically designed to make you feel like spending that much was so worth it. It has two different wood bases to choose from, Mahogany wood base and Espresso wood base that’s more expensive. It features a memory foam for the cushions on the seat and the knees. It has either a Mahogany or Espresso finish, which totally matters on what you want. The ergonomic design seeks to give you maximum comfort. The covers for the seat and the cushion on the knees are black. Great, right?

Office Star Metal Kneeling Chair

From the same brand, Office Star is this model with a different design. With the previous one being made from wood, this is made of metal. With a different material, the item itself is also cheaper than the previous one but still as strong and sturdy as the previous items. The item is being offered with expert assembly and without, with the former being more expensive with an additional $ 81.09 charge. It features a memory foam for the seat cushion and it’s ergonomically designed to also give you maximum comfort. It has a black finish that looks really great.

What to look for

Again, being a product that doesn’t really come cheap, you have to be careful about the product you’ll buy. Also, there are several things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a kneeling chair.

  • Material – this depends on your preference. Most of the products are ideally made from wood while some are still made from metal. Though items made from metal are usually cheaper than those made from wood, you’re assured that either product will last longer as long as you know how to take good care of it.
  • Cushions – the cushions are the most important aspect because these are the ones that you will really notice when using the product. The cushions must be able to give you the comfort that you need and must be able to withstand constant usage to avoid.
  • Over-all comfort – the main purpose of this kneeling chair is to help you reduce the strain you’ll feel after sitting for longer periods of time. Therefore, read a lot of reviews to check for the quality of comfort the chair you wanna purchase can give you. It must be made with the right angles and slants.


For your comfort and health, you must be able to choose the right kneeling chair that will suit your needs and help you reduce the strain that you’ll feel after sitting. The pain and discomfort you current feel probably won’t go away that quickly as you try it out for the first time, but eventually you’ll be able to see the long-term benefits of the chair that will make you wanna recommend it to every one you know. Choose well and you won’t regret buying one chair.

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