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Why would you need a kneeboard in the first place? It’s because kneeboarding is a very fun activity! It’s a unique sport wherein it’ll test your skills regarding balance and focus. However, all the fun and enjoyment can be pushed aside if you don’t have the proper gear for the job. As such, having the best kneeboard is an essential part of the entire sporting activity. Not having the right kneeboard can even lead to injury, so be warned. Note that there are several variations of kneeboards on the market. Read on to the rest of this post as we show you some excellent examples of kneeboards that you might be interested in using.

Driftsun Kneeboard 2017

The Driftsun Kneeboard 2017 has a durable EVA foam construction for excellent levels of padding and comfort. It also comes with an integrated hook located at its front to assist beginners in taking off easier as compared to wasting most of their time and energies in trying to stay properly afloat. This kneeboard also has a bevel edge that allows the board to go low in the water to assist in maneuvering.

Hydro Slide Havoc Kneeboard

The Hydro Slide Havoc Kneeboard is a traditional adult kneeboard with a thin profile. It comes with a Hydro hook tow point and a 3-inch padded strap for safety and security. The EVA Pad construction with deep knee wells help helps users to stay afloat while also assisting in maneuvering and turning.

O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

Albeit the O’Brien Radica Kneeboard has the design of the standard adult kneeboard, it gives good fun and safety for teens as well. It can even support people with about 200-pounds of weight. You’d be hard-pressed to see another kneeboard with such great quality, which you should have especially with the price you have to pay for it.

What to Look For?

As mentioned in a previous segment of this post, there are different types of kneeboards on the market, and these differ for a number of reasons. Having the right kneeboard is essential for the right needs, not to mention it’ll help minimize the risk of accidents while you’re on the water.

The first factor that you should be thinking about is the type of board you’d want to call your very own. However, these types can be boiled down into two major categories: recreational and competitive. Recreational kneeboards will have rotational molding. It is generally available to the public while being cheaper than competitive boards. It’s also rotationally molded to provide soft and wide edges, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

Competitive kneeboards, on the other hand, are manufactured with the use of compression molding. In doing so, it provides riders with greater performance and more durability as compared to recreational boards. Competitive types are also thinner and lighter in comparison to recreational kneeboards. Its traits allow it to help kneeboarders to aim for sharper edges and quicker turns to make for better tricks.

Aside from the board type, you should also look into kneeboard styles. Like kneeboard types, we can also put kneeboard styles into two major categories: slalom and trick. Slalom boards contain sharp edges to make for better edge holding and turning. Trick boards, on the contrary, have a round bottom design with round edges, making them easier to perform with tricks.


Spend some time when looking for the best kneeboard for your specific requirements. Don’t just go for any kneeboard on the market just because the design appeals to your eyes. In making sure that you do have the right board, you’re going to prevent injury while helping you land those insanely cool tricks.

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