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In all honesty, I am very much afraid of swimming and of the water. And I also have to say that I am very much ashamed of this. However, I know that I fear this kind of activity or the water for some reasons, one of which is my experience.But of course, we are not here to have a chit-chat about this. Instead, I am saying this to encourage you that children should learn early in trying to enjoy swimming activities. That way their skills are also being trained.

Snorkeling, for example, has become more and more popular these days. It is common to do snorkeling in popular tourist spots like beaches and diving areas. It is not just limited to adults but the young can also actually enjoy it.

A snorkeling set would make this certainly as a need. This would help kids remember that there are also safety measures and there are proper gears or clothing or tools that they have to use in order to enjoy snorkeling. This list is made for that specific purpose. We researched about the best snorkeling set for kids that we can find so you can easily pick. Please have fun and take a look!

Speedo Kid’s Aqua Quest Mask/Snorkel/Fin Set

This set comes in three items first you would have the goggles and then the flippers and lastly the breathing mouthpiece tube. He can choose three colors the first one is blue ocean the next one is glow green and then the last one is pink Frost. If you are going to choose this more or medium-size the measurement is 1 to 2 shoe size. But if you’re in going to pick the large or extra large size the new get three to five shoe measurement.

The lens mask has a hedgehog twitches something that you can easily adjust and the window is a single lens in it is also made of polycarbonate.

U.S. Divers Junior Regal Mask, Trigger Fins and Laguna Snorkel Combo Set

This item gives you options for the colors. You can either choose red or yellow blue or fun blue and then fun purple. To be honest with you if ever I would have the extra money I would even buy all of the colors because it looks really beautiful and attractive.

The mask is very easy and comfortable to use because of its quick release technology. This design has three-way buckle up so that the adjustment can be done without difficulty. The snorkel is also perfectly submersible because it was meant to keep the water clearly away from the tube.
Another thing I love the most about it is that it comes with a free travel bag so that you can put in all the items inside that you can carry it easily which makes it very portable. If that’s not good enough for you then I guess I would add the fact that the flipper has a pivot Flex technology which offers additional comfort and efficiency it is very soft in soothing because of this foot pocket.

Cressi Rocks Kids Mask, Snorkel & Fins Snorkel Set

This item is more than just out of the ordinary. The mask, for example, is covered with lenses that is tempered glass. This makes it very durable and strong. The buckles of the Mask is also easy to adjust. This provides more comfort to the user.

Then the snorkel is very intelligently designed that the splash will not easily enter the tube. The short fins on the other hand also has a strap that can be adjusted so that it fits very well. You can choose the color of blue yellow pink white purple pink white blue and white orange.
This set has got a lot of great inclusion and features. I would absolutely say that it is a wonderful gift for a kid sot hat they can use it immediately.

Cressi ONDINA & TOP JR, Junior Kids Snorkel Set for Diving

This item comes in three colors. First, you can choose clear blue and then you can also choose clear pink or lastly you can choose clear/yellow. Eyeglass lens comes in one window and it is covered with tempered glass which ensures great vision in safe use.

It is perfect for kids because just as I can see they can comfortable in using it. I’ve heard no complaints or any difficulties as they use it themselves. I would not hesitate to buy another one at all.

golbalshop Kids Silicone Scuba Swimming Swim Diving Mask Snorkel Glasses Set Anti Fog Goggles

Last but not the least this item is ideal even for professional divers who started at a young age. The lens has a transparent tempered glass on it which means that it is resistance against fog and it won’t break so easily. Then nozzle is made of silicone which ensures that it is not toxic and it would provide you ease when it is being used at the same time.

You can choose a wide range of color that starts with blue, green, lake blue, pink, violet, and yellow. Specifically the snorkel has a length of 40 centimeters the glass measures 14 centimeters in length and 7.5 centimeters wide. It is absolutely good to know the specifics of this item so that we can prepare and check which one would be good for the kid. With all of those, I would absolutely wonder you would think twice in getting this item.

What to Look For

In all honesty I think one of the most important things that you have to look for when you’re getting a snorkel set are the inclusions. You see not every bundle of item will have the same inclusions in the set. That is why it is only idea for you to double-check it first so you can avoid regrets and getting the item and of course there is no need for you to make a return because of the wrong purchase.

Some of the examples here in the variety of inclusions in a set is a bundle that comes with goggles and flippers. Then they are also bundle items that comes with a mask the goggles the flippers and even the mouth piece tube which is use to breathe while you are snorkeling. Sometimes you can also buy something with the tube mouthpiece and The Mask goggles alone even without the flippers. Whichever it is you can easily pick which one you prefer depending maybe on your budget and depending on what you need to have.

Since this is a kid snorkel set the size would also matter because if the one who is using it is still very young then a smaller size would be the perfect fit. Otherwise maybe it means you can get something Beaker and appropriate for them. Have you ever tried wearing goggles or Flippers that are too small or too big for you? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t but whatever it is I assure you that as you imagine if it is not comfortable at all. So I also know that you wouldn’t want that to happen with your kids.

Then we also have to check the material that it’s made of. Snorkel sets can be made of different types of materials . For example you can be made out of PVC silicone or even liquid silicone. Whichever you think is the safest or the most charitable are the most comfortable for a child to use than it is now your choice to try and see to check the details.


I hope the details & features of each item have been stated very well in each review. There are also features that you can check and it can’t be unique compared with the other items. If you want to go the extra mile and get the snorkel set with much more features reliability and inclusions then I’m sure that your child would appreciate that a lot.

All you have to do is remember to take note of the things that you are looking for in a snorkeling set for kids. You have to double-check what are the included items in the bundle of items you also have to check the dimension so that you can be sure that the size would fit them well and of course lastly you would also have to check the material so that there would be no allergic reactions  or cause any trouble to your kid.

I know that you guys are excited to spend time with your kids to go snorkeling on your summer vacation or holidays. Please know that we are also excited for you and we are hoping that you would take the right measures in order to make sure that it can be safe and you would get the right by them for them so they can fully enjoy the experience period we are very much glad that we can be of help.

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