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Are your kids unpredictably moody and uncomfortable because of the scorching heat outside? Keep them fresh and cool this time by transforming your backyard into a secret swimming haven that they’d love to go to again and again. Choose from our list of highly-recommended top kiddie pools to let the fun begin.

Intex Kiddie Pool

Is your kiddie pool unable to support your children’s various movements while beating the summer heat? Get Intex Kiddie Pool instead.

This kiddie pool is composed of a cushioned floor to help your children comfortably move around the pool. In fact, it even softens their fall if they were suddenly off balanced. Moreover, it’s made from a vinyl material that holds water of up to nine inches high which makes it long lasting.

This 3.3-pound inflatable product contains multicolored rings that give off a playful design. It comes in two variants; the round and the square.

Step2 Kiddie Pool

Worried that your kids couldn’t properly cool off in the pool because their directly exposed under the sun’s heat? Fix the problem with Step2 Play and Shade Kiddie Pool.

This kiddie pool consists of an umbrella beside it to protect your children against the sun’s sweltering heat. Plus, it has three water cups and a moving water wheel to keep them entertained.

This 14.7-pound product measures 50 inches long, 37.5 inches wide, and 37.5 inches thick. It comes with two seats where your two children or one of their friends could conveniently sit while playing.

Jilong Kiddie Pool

Does your kids have trouble playing with one another or with their friends because the kiddie pool space is limited? Turn to Jilong Giant Inflatable Kiddie Pool.

This kiddie pool has very spacious walls that let your children and their friends have a good time without any movement restriction. It even has enough room to accommodate you. Furthermore, it can hold water of up to 14 1/2 inches high.

This 13.2-pound product measures 120.1 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 19.7 inches thick. It also includes three air chambers and valves, a drain plug, and a repair patch.

What to Look For

Getting a kiddie pool for your children to enjoy during the summer’s tricky because it means that you have to find your way across similar kinds that might not deliver what they promise. But how can you tell if you’ve picked the one that’s considered to be a “best buy?” Here’s what you must always keep in mind.

  • Water Capacity – When looking for a kiddie pool, always check its water capacity. Checking its water capacity lets you know how much water it can hold so you can avoid accidentally setting the kiddie pool in over flow mode. Take note, your children want to cool off while playing and they can’t do both if their water supply’s insufficient. Moreover, it’ll help you conserve a considerable amount of water because you no longer need to throw any excess supply just to properly fill the kiddie pool, at an acceptable level.
  • Floor Cushion – Kiddie pools should always have floor cushions. Obviously, it’s a pool meant for children so it must always have a soft pad below to support your kids’ carefree movements. Be very careful of those kiddie pools that lack cushioned floors because it could mean that they haven’t passed the manufacturing industry’s safety standards and are illegally sold. Even if they come at an inexpensive price, don’t take the bait at the expense of your kids’ safety.
  • Easy to Inflate and Deflate – Look for kiddie pools that are both easy to inflate and deflate. You don’t want to spend extremely long periods outside filling your kiddie pool with the required amount of air. Not only will it spoil your kids scheduled playtime but also leaves you exhausted as you keep on pumping air into the kiddie pool which might take forever. The same thing goes when your children are done using the kiddie pool. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life figuring out how to finally collapse it.


Picking the right kiddie pool for your children needs a meticulous consideration to its water capacity, floor cushion, and easy to inflate and deflate properties. Doing so makes your kids safe yet happily productive and fresh, during their free time.

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