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Many might think that all kickboards are the same. After all, most of them share a similar design so it does look like a straightforward piece of swimming gear, right? It’s basically a rectangular piece of foam that’ll aid swimmers in isolating their kicks while in the water. It’ll also help swimmers increase their leg endurance. Do note, however, kickboards do come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, and each variant will have their own set of benefits. Take a look at this post as we help you select the best kickboard for your needs.

Speedo Team Kickboard

The Speedo Team Kickboard has a lightweight construction as it’s primarily made out of EVA foam. The design of this kickboard has side finger scallops to help users with proper hand position. There are also underside finger grooves to offer a no-slip grip, which is vital for such a device since you’re mainly using it in water.

TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard USA

The TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard USA is available in three colors, them being black, yellow, and pink. It has a high-quality construction, and it’s tested to offer users a competitive edge in all water sports activities. The TYR brand is even used by both professional and recreational users, so you’re assured that you’re going to use a high-quality piece of swimming equipment.

Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board Trainer

The Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board Trainer is a useful choice when training bustling swimmers. It has an unbreakable polyethylene constructions, and there are also two sets of integrated handles for when body positioning is required.

What to Look For?

Kickboards come into the market with different types, and it’s important to know the main purpose of your upcoming purchase of this piece of swimming equipment to gain excellent value for money. Let’s start with the traditional adult kickboard; this variant allows adults to practice their swimming techniques and prowess with the help of a thick, highly buoyant, and rigid board. Most traditional adult kickboards are rectangular with a slightly concave bottom and rounded front. It’s useful for all adults with different sets of swimming abilities.

Then there are the streamlined and ergonomic kickboards. These kickboard variations do have the same function as the traditional adult kickboard, but they put less strain on the shoulders. As such, it’s an ideal option for individuals who have shoulders problems while trying to perfect their swimming form and power. Ergonomic kickboards are often made with a triangular shape and a lighter construction as compared to its traditional counterpart. The triangular design makes it more hydrodynamic so you’ll deal with less water resistance and pressure.

There there’s the children’s kickboards, and these models are lighter and smaller than the variants generally used by adults. Children’s boards are very easy to hold and grip so it’s an ideal choice for any beginner who wants to get a hold of their swimming forms and kicking prowess. Many children’s kickboard manufacturers will usually design their products with bright and colorful graphics to encourage the feeling of fun while in the water.

Lastly, there are kickboard-pull buoy combos, and you might’ve seen one of these while watching Baywatch. It’s a combination of a kickboard and a pull buoy, and this board has a flat middle section while surrounded by two slightly rounded side panels. The main benefit of this variant is it allows users to bring items for travel, and it’s also an ideal choice for beach lifeguards.


Even though kickboards do come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, any swimmer with any level of ability can use one. You just have to know what you want to do with the kickboard so you can properly take advantage of its features.

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