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Whether it’s exploring a dark cave or a sudden black out in your area, you need an immediate source of light to help you guide the way. Fondling around the place for a light source and knocking over some expensive items in the vicinity is not a good way to start the day. There are, however, keychain lights that come in tiny and very compact packages, and quite possibly the best part of such a product is you can attach it to a lot of items. You can attach the keychain light to your keys, the zippers on bags, and your wallet.

Finware Mini LED Keychain Flashlight

The Finware Mini LED Keychain Flashlight has a flat design as opposed to the standard tube look of many keychain flashlights on the market. The operation is reasonably simple for this unit as there are an on/off switch and a squeeze button. The squeeze button allows you to illuminate the surroundings while squeezing said button while releasing it will turn off the device. It might sound useless for some individuals, but it does offer an efficient solution for people who tend to forget to turn off devices.

This mini flashlight has a LED that can shine for approximately 1 mile of distance, and it’s rated to have a 100,000 hour LED life.

Energizer LED Keychain Light

The Energizer LED Keychain Light might not have the same amount of power as the Finware Mini LED Keychain Flashlight, but it’s placed at a more reasonable price point than Finware’s device. Nonetheless, it does offer a sleek and compact architecture with a lightweight design. It makes up for the less power with its impact resistant design. As such, it can stand to more than just your average wear and tear.

There’s also an integrated flat key ring so you can attach the unit to your bags, wallets, or even to your pants. The package even includes 2 CR2016 Energizer Lithium Coin Cell batteries so you can use this key chain flashlight immediately upon receiving it.

Streamlight 73001 Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

The Streamlight 73001 Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight isn’t called a “miniature” flash light for nothing. It’s highly compact construction means you can place it inside your bag or pocket without worry. Furthermore, it even has a weatherproof design, so you can use it under stormy weather if, by any chance, the power goes out.

The flashlight portion of the Streamlight 73001 offers a 100,000 hour LED life, and it has a non-rotating snap hook so you can operate it with one hand without any fuss. The entire unit only weighs a measly 0.36 ounces, and its entire length is just 1.47 inches long. Its measurements denote that you can fit it inside just about any container without hassle. However, you might have trouble finding it if you place it underneath a pile of other stuff.

What to Look For?

Albeit all keychain lights are small in size, they do come in various dimensions. Consider the length, weight, and bezel diameter of the product to help you properly gauge just how small you want your keychain light to be. Some keychain flashlights are micro-sized, and these are ideal to bring around with you wherever you may want to go. These models are also great for maneuvering around dimly lit cinemas.

Aside from the size of the key chain flashlight, also consider the shape of the unit. In general, these flashlights come in two main categories regarding shape: the traditional tube shape and the flat block. For the tube-shaped flashlight, it’s an ideal choice for just letting it slide into your pocket or bag. As for the flat block, these are bulkier, but they tend to offer more features than their tube-shaped counterpart.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important factor to consider is the brightness level of the keychain light. After all, you’re getting a flashlight regardless of its size, shape, and weight, so you need to get a model that can properly illuminate the immediate surroundings.


The best keychain lights on the market are small, reliable, and easy on the pocket. Generally, most keychain flashlights fall under these categories, but there are only a handful of models on the market that are a cut above the rest.

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