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Want to go hiking or camping with family or friends this summer? If you’re the type of person who has fully outgrown his or her love for swimming to beat the heat, there’s nothing wrong with exploring new hobbies as long as you remain either a boy or girl scout. This means that you should always bring with you fundamental items that boost your chances of survivability in the unknown, including one of our best keychain bottle openers.

Olivery Keychain Bottle Opener

Having a hard time putting or retrieving your various keys from one place? Let Olivery Keychain Bottle Opener make it easy for you.

This keychain bottle opener is made from carefully crafted stainless steel metal that allows you to either add or get your keys, in one swift motion to help you quickly do your thing, on emergency cases. What’s also to like about it is its sophisticated design’s non-rusting and lets you easily open your go-to drink.

This 1.6-ounce product has gone through Washington’s strict safety inspection process. It comes with two key rings and a lifetime warranty.

Nite Ize Keychain Bottle Opener

Have too many stuff to handle at once during your camping trip? Lighten up your load with Nite Ize S Binner Ahhh Keychain Bottle Opener.

This keychain bottle opener lets you conveniently carry almost everything; bottled drinks, keys, lamps, and even your flashlight, while it effectively opens your bottled drinks whenever you need them the most. Believe it or not, it can also help you unlock traditionally huge and hard-to-open gates.

This product measures 1 and 3/4 inches long and 1 and 1/2 inches wide. It comes in two classic colors – black and stainless steel.

aminco Keychain Bottle Opener

Can’t immediately open your drink that you still need to use a knife? Avoid doing something that might even let you accidentally cut yourself. Switch to aminco NFL Keychain Bottle Opener.

This keychain bottle opener is made from an imported metal design that lets you open you drink in a safe and one-time removal of its lid. It can also have a print of your favorite National Football League (NFL) team logo.

This 0.2-ounce product measures 1.5 inches wide and 0.2 inch thick. Choose from up to 29 NFL logos including; New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles.

What to Look For

Having your very own keychain bottle opener’s important especially when you’re out of your home’s comfort. Why? It contributes to your survivability in the wilderness, if something unexpected happens. As such, you have to carefully pick the kind of keychain bottle opener that’ll surely help you in your time of need, with these following factors in mind.

  • Durability – Always get a keychain bottle opener that’s durable. A durable keychain bottle opener’s something that doesn’t get twisted, bent, or damaged, no matter how many times you use it. The problem with those of its similar kind that aren’t sturdy is that once they get deformed, you’ll either have a hard time using them or you might not be able to use them at all.
  • Rust Resistance – Be very mindful in choosing keychain bottle openers that are non-rusting. Obviously, a keychain bottle opener’s used to help you conveniently remove your drink’s sealed cover. If it starts to show signs of rusting, it might contaminate your drink itself, leading to some serious health issues. Of course, you don’t want to drink a beverage which contains bits of dirt and rust that might eventually make you sick.
  • Easy to Use – Last but not the least is a keychain bottle opener should be easy to use. There are only three characteristics of an easy-to-use keychain bottle opener; secure, hold, and lift. Don’t be fooled by those that involve a lot of how-to-use instructions. Take note, a keychain bottle opener functions for the very purpose of helping you in times of need (like emergency cases), which means it must be quick, safe, and highly responsive. Surely, you don’t want to have any difficulty opening your drink when you’re extremely thirsty, or finding your car keys when fleeing from something in the middle of the woods.


Purchasing the right keychain bottle opener in accordance to its durability, rust resistance, and easy to use features helps you to be always prepared for everything because it could mean a difference between life and death.

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