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Many of us work in front of our computers throughout the entire day. However, do you end your workday by vigorously shaking your hands and wrists? It’s probably because you want to shake off the aches and pains associated with typing in front of the computer all-day-long. The shaking is just a short-term effect by working within a non-ergonomic space. To remedy the situation, you may want to install a keyboard tray for your desktop unit. In fact, this accessory is considered to be an essential part of an ergonomic workstation set-up.

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer

The Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer is a height adjustable unit that allows 3 height adjustments to fit preferred working positions. It also has a design to let users tuck the tray and the keyboard away when not in use. It also comes with a mouse tray that can mount on either the left or right side of the module. To install this keyboard tray, the workstation needs to have a 23.5-inch wide space.

3M Keyboard Tray

When it comes to durable office supplies, many have already heard of the 3M brand, and much of the same high qualities of its products can be found in their keyboard tray. The 3M Keyboard Tray is available in either the standard unit or the adjustable platform. Both trays, however, will have an all-in-one leatherette gel wrist rest for precise mouse movement and antimicrobial product protection.

Kensington Underdesk Keyboard Drawer

The Kensington Underdesk Keyboard Drawer requires a 26-inch wide space for proper installation. It comes with both keyboard and mouse management features to help keep cords and wires out of the way while you’re working.

What to Look For?

Before anything else, know that the keyboard tray needs to be mounted on your existing workspace. As such, you’ll need to ensure that the surface of your workspace can accept screws on its underside. Many computer desks and tables with a wooden or wood-like construction can accept keyboard tray attachments. Glass and other materials for computer workspaces, on the other hand, might not work well with a keyboard tray unless a modification is done.

Some keyboard trays, on the contrary, will have adhesive strip fasteners so that you can attach them on workstations that can’t accept screws. Also, consider the shape of the computer workstation because you’ll need to measure the depth under the desk or table to know the length of the track for your desired product.

You should also think about the track of the workspace to make sure that the tray works well within the available area. The length of the track will allow you to determine if the keyboard tray you’re planning to purchase is compatible with the available space. Also, if there’s already an existing bar or another form of obstruction found on your computer desk or table, then you might need to buy a shim and place it between the track and the underside of the desk to allow the tray to hang lower or over the obstruction.

Finally, look for a computer keyboard tray that can give you an easy time regarding its installation. You don’t want to waste too much time in setting up the keyboard tray. Some variants will even have setup procedures that won’t require any tools, so it might be a good idea to watch out for these units.


Choosing the right keyboard tray is vital so that you don’t waste any of your precious hard-earned cash. Remember, if you just blatantly buy any keyboard tray on the market, then chances are the unit won’t fit your computer workspace unless further modifications are met.

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