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Playing the keyboard is an absolute euphoric trip for people who chose this device as their main musical instrument. There’s a deep sense of inner peace and joy when you play the instrument, and you want to share those feelings with everyone who wants to listen to your covers or personal creations. You remember the first time you’ve bought and brought your keyboard home as you revel back to the excitement as you gaze upon the investment that might be your lifelong partner in the music industry. But there might be something that’s missing to complete the set, and that “something” might be a keyboard stand.

On Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand

It wouldn’t matter if you have a compact keyboard or if the musical instrument has a considerable amount of width, the On Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand can position itself to fit virtually any keyboard width. It even has a 1-inch square tubing construction to provide optimum levels of strength and durability.

The 5-position disk clutch system with bullet-nose pull knob allows users to adjust the height and width effortlessly. There’s also non-slip rubber caps found on all the end positions of the legs to prevent the stand and the keyboard from moving around. As for its screws, they’re all located at the end of each post. The height of the On Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand is adjustable from 27 to 38 inches.

ChromaCast CC-KSTAND X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand

The ChromaCast CC-KSTAND X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand has adjustable arms to fit virtually any keyboard on the market. Like the On Stage Classic Single-X Keyboard Stand, this unit has a 1-inch square double braced tubing to make for excellent durability and strength. This keyboard stand has an adjustable height from 23.5 to 38.5 inches, as well as an adjustable width of 12 to 33 inches.

A great feature of this particular keyboard stand is everything can fold flat for easy transport and storage. It also has protective, non-slip rubber end caps found in all ends with locking straps to secure the keyboard and the stand in place.

RockJam Xfinity Piano Keyboard Stand

For the RockJam Xfinity Piano Keyboard Stand, it has a heavy-duty double-x metal construction, and this material choice helps the keyboard and the stand itself to withstand more than just the typical wear and tear. It’s also an ideal choice for heavy and light digital electronic keyboards. Also, the assembly is not a requirement for this keyboard stand as it comes fully-assembled right off the bat.

The package also includes high strength support straps to attach to your keyboard for added security and stability. To add to an even greater level of stability than before, the ends of the stand all have non-slip rubber end caps.

What to Look For?

To the untrained eye, all keyboard stands might look the same. However, take a closer look, and you’ll find different variations of this musical instrument supporting tool. For example, there’s the X-style stand, and this is a popular choice among many keyboardists around the globe. Many manufacturers who create this piece of equipment usually brings a sturdy and reliable stand to keyboardists everywhere.

However, it doesn’t mean that all X-style stands, or all keyboard stands in general, are durable and reliable. Some might have cheap price tags but offer a flimsy architecture. Also, the choice of material in the creation of the keyboard stand might not be up to par with other higher-end models in the market. Ultimately, these cheaply-made stands might send your expensive keyboard crashing down to the floor, so choose wisely.

Aside from the X-style stands, there are also mixer-style and customized keyboard stands to consider. These keyboard stand variants have their own sets of unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s best to know your initial preferences first before focusing on what unit to purchase.


Even though many keyboard stands are found on the market, purchasing and using one that’s of high-quality can make all the effort in searching for the right model worthwhile. Don’t take the selection process for the right stand for granted as it might spell the difference between you playing on your keyboard all-day-long or you trying to pick up some of the pieces of a damaged keyboard.

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