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So, you have your own house and your own car, one thing’s for sure about that – you have keys for them and we’re sure you have more keys for some more important things like a safe or something. To make things more literally, you still have the keys for your desk in your office. What you’ll end up basically is a nightmare full of keys in your pocket. For that, you’ll need a key organizer. When you own a key organizer, you won’t have to worry clanging keys in your pocket and rubbing your phone against it. Check out the best key organizer.

KeySmart Classic Keychain Organizer

For the best key organizer, it’s about being mobile or portable as possible together with a little bit of style. Coming off as the best key organizer, the KeySmart Classic Keychain Organizer lets the user organize keys and bring it with wherever you go without needing to have a bulky pocket. The KeySmart Classic Keychain Organizer is available in three colors – black, blue, and red. In case you have large keys or fobs, you can use the loop piece to accommodate those things letting you attach up to 14 standard sized keys. No jiggles and no poking with the best key organizer thanks to the stealthy slide-on feature that puts everything in one place for that minimalist and clean look.

KeySmart Extended Keychain Organizer

If the best key organizer isn’t enough for you, check out its extended version. Coming off as the second best key organizer, the KeySmart Extended Keychain Organizer gives you a different iteration of one of the best key organizers out there. The KeySmart Extended Keychain Organizer is available in blue, red, black, and slate colors. Together with the loop piece, you can attach or organizer large keys or up to 14 standard sized keys. The way it eliminates noise for the previous product is also found here but this time both sides can slide into stealth mode to allow for a two-way organization, for example – one side for small keys and the other side for large keys.

ThorKey Leather Compact Key Holder

Unlike the first two key organizers, the next product brings you back in time with its leather and classic style. Coming off as the third best key organizer, the ThorKey Leather Compact Key Holder comes with a free ThorKey bottle opener to entice you from buying it. The ThorKey Leather Compact Key Holder made from leather comes in brown and black colors. Durability won’t be a problem with it thanks to the combination of top grain leather and stainless steel construction. For the ThorKey Leather Compact Key Holder, it can hold up to 8 different keys or tools should you wish be. With its locking mechanism, you’re bound to be as silent as possible whenever you’re walking.

What to Look For

Thanks to keys, we’re able to keep our most important things safe without worrying of it being lost or stolen. However, with tons of things to keep out from the sight of malicious people, we end up with tons of keys in our pockets making it a living nightmare for our pockets. Furthermore, it affects our lives like literally. When you put your keys inside your pocket, you end up having a bulky pocket which doesn’t look good from the outside and prevents you from having quick access to them especially if they don’t come with a holder or organizer.

Thanks to the existence of key organizers, we’re bound to solve that problem for the longest possible time. Basically, there are different types of key organizers but due to popularity and demand, key organizers that can be taken everywhere has emerged as the best-selling ones – beating the like of wall mount and such. You can never really go wrong with portable key organizers but if you choose a knock off product, you’ll end up opting for something else. Don’t put the blame on the product, put it on yourself because you bought the cheapest one.

To prevent that kind of scenario, you have to know how to pick the best bang for the buck kay organizer. And to let that happen, we put up some guidelines that you can use when you’re out and about to buy one.

Style and material. If you know how to pick the right style and material combination, you can buy that key organizer already. The style relies on the material. If you want a stainless steel all around, then you’re going to have a slide on style which holds the keys tightly together similar to 12 tool organizer. But when you pick the leather style, you’re getting a quick-hang feature which holds lesser keys in place


A key organizer is a great tool to have should you wish to eliminate the nightmare of having a bulky and pointy pocket. With that, the best key organizer is the KeySmart Classic Keychain Organizer.

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