Best Kettlebell Workout DVD

Summer’s finally here and what better way to celebrate it than going to the beach with family and friends? But are you ready to flaunt that body? Before you start having second thoughts and say “no,” remember that you always have the power to whip yourself into shape with the help of our best kettlebell workout DVDs. See for yourself to confidently show some skin.

DVD Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Workout DVD

Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights

Afraid that you might not be able to use a kettlebell properly? Turn to Shred-It With Weights By Jillian Michaels.

This kettlebell workout DVD contains a special feature that teaches you how to correctly hold and lift a kettlebell to prevent any serious bone or muscle injury. Aside from this, its 30-minute exercises are done in a fast-paced motion to help you gradually achieve a clear body transformation.

For specifications, this product is available in multiple formats, colored, and Dolby Digital. You can even watch it in full-screen mode so you can vividly see how each routine’s executed.

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Workout DVD

Working out for the first time or looking for an advanced exercise routine? Whether you’re a newbie or a fitness professional, count on Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution.

This kettlebell workout DVD has a fully-encompassing wellness system ranging from simple stretching to hardcore toning exercises to help you get in shape. In fact, it’s divided into four workout routines for all body parts to effectively eliminate fat.

This product also contains warm-up exercises that you can do every day. It comes with two kettlebells; one five-pound and the other three-pound, a meal plan, and an exercise chart.

Reinhardt Kettlebell System Kettlebell Workout DVD

RKS Kettlebell Workout

Want to see significant gains on your workout routines? You can never go wrong with Reinhardt Kettlebell System RKS Kettlebell Workout

This kettlebell workout DVD features an exclusive weekly challenges program to measure important improvements that you’ve gained during your workout period. What’s also to love about it is it has 16 exercises that’ll help you get shredded in just four weeks.

This 1.9-pound product measures 11.7 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. Its exercise videos last for 30 minutes. It comes with nine discs, a meal plan, and workout guide as well.

What to Look For

Choosing the kettlebell workout DVD that’s right for you is very essential in getting a lean body that you’ve always wanted. While it’s easy to simply pick your set of weights and start on an interesting workout routine, always bear in mind these factors so as not to end up overworking yourself, which might lead to serious and painful consequences, later on.

  • Doctor’s Advice – Never forget to seek for your doctor’s advice. This is very crucial especially to those who are planning on working out the first time. The point is, you don’t just find your way to the gym and start weight lifting for you to immediately look good, or you don’t just watch a fitness program because you feel like it. Working out starts with the basics and that includes a physical examination that only your doctor can provide. Doing this, helps you get an idea as to which exercises suit your condition.
  • Workout Level – When working out, don’t quickly jump to complex routines. The problem with other fitness enthusiasts is they have a knack for jumping from one exercise routine to a more difficult one, in the hope of getting their desired body figure. Remember, there’s no shortcut to achieving a sexy body because you need to do things moderately and gradually. Considering your workout level helps you maximize the benefits of your current workout routine, until such time that you can finally incorporate a more challenging variation to it.
  • Endurance – Endurance also refers to stamina. When doing exercises, always take note of how many sets and reps you should perform. Do you need a total of 60 reps on a given workout routine? How ‘bout if the instructor tells you to pause for a 30-second break in between your workouts? Avoid going beyond what’s asked of you and strictly follow all pointers to prevent any muscle injury that might lead to rhabdomyolysis. Moreover, if you feel like you easily get tired at first, don’t hesitate to rest because everything gets better with time.


Choosing the necessary kettlebell workout DVD in consideration of your doctor’s advice, workout level, and endurance, not only helps you get your beach-ready body, but also helps you achieve a healthier you.

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