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Are you fond of using jewelry – from earrings to the longest necklace? For men, maybe not. For women, most likely. If that’s the case then, you might be living an unorganized and tangling life. It’s a pain in the butt when you just put them in your drawer, junking them with no regards to how they will end up and the possible damages that it can get from rubbing from one another. In this case, it’s time to leave the life of tangling and damaged jewelry and use a jewelry organizer. If you’re out in town, check out the best jewelry organizer.

Misslo Jewelry Hanging Organizer Holder

For the best jewelry organizer, it’s about protecting every jewelry especially rings and bracelets that not even dust can get to it. Thanks to Misslo Jewelry Hanging Organizer Holder, dusting each piece of your jewelry isn’t necessary anymore. The Misslo Jewelry Hanging Organizer Holder features 32 pockets for small jewelry with 18 hooks and loop for necklaces. The Misslo Jewelry Hanging Organizer Holder comes in black and pink colors. Each pocket is made out of clear vinyl that prevents dust and water to come in contact. The convenience of getting and putting back a jewelry is one of its main feats thanks to its open-design.

Glenor Co Classic 50-Section Jewelry Box Earrings Organizer

If you want to feel like a princess whenever you pick up a jewelry to wear, perhaps you might find the next product suiting to your liking. The Glenor Co Classic 50-Section Jewelry Box Earrings Organizer is the classical storage box that comes with a mirror for quick glancing. The Glenor Co Classic 50-Section Jewelry Box Earrings Organizer comes in three colors – blue, pink, and black. It features 50 compartments in which each can store up to 3 pairs earrings depending on the size. It has an overall dimension of 8 ½” x 8 ½” x 3½”. For the bottom compartment – 1 ½” x 1/½” x1 ¼”. While for the tray compartment – 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 1″.

Glenor Co Jewelry Box Organizer

If you want a jewelry organizer that comes in a box but with only limited compartment due to your limited jewelry, you might want to try the next product for that. As long as you don’t have piles of jewelry to keep, the Glenor Co Jewelry Box Organizer will serve its purpose properly. The Glenor Co Jewelry Box Organizer features 28 section classic jewelry organizer that comes with modern buckle closure, a large mirror, and additional 2 trays for extra storage. The colors come in black, blue, and pink. For the compartment, it has a dimension of 10.25″ x 10.25″ x 3.5 which allows you to store from earrings to watches.

What to Look For

Women have a weakness when it comes to being organized, however, for some reason, when it comes to their beloved things such as jewelry, they can be organized, for the most part, hence the use of a jewelry organizer. Although it might seem easy to pick a jewelry organizer, it’s not once you get to see tons of choices in front of you. In this case, you just need to know a few things.

Whenever you’re looking for a new jewelry organizer, make sure it comes with compartments or storage that will fit your needs. If you have tons of necklace, might as well get the hook and loop design to avoid tangles. Otherwise, get a box type that keeps rings, earrings, and other small jewelry.


Whether it’s necklaces, earrings, or even watches, you’ll need a jewelry organizer for that when it comes to protecting every single piece of stone from them. With that said, the best jewelry organizer is the Misslo Jewelry Hanging Organizer Holder.

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