Best Interdental Brushes

The best interdental brush can help improve your dental hygiene immensely. It’s a known fact that brushing alone isn’t enough to clean teeth. Hence, the reason why you’re told to floss on top of it. Aside from flossing, there’s also the interdental brush.

Both options can be used to clean the space between your teeth where food particles are often stuck. These also help clean the gum area. Yet between the two, using an interdental brush is the easier and more practical choice. Studies also showed it’s more effective in removing plaque compared to flossing.

An interdental brush looks like a miniature toothbrush. It typically has a cone shaped or round head depending on the brand. Its tiny bristles are attached to a wire. You insert it gently between the teeth. You can also reuse it. Simply wash it in the same manner you would your toothbrush then cover with its accompanying cap. Then again, you can opt to get a disposable product.

Using an interdental brush is beneficial to people who wear braces or for those who have huge gaps in their teeth. Flossing can be difficult in these situations. The product is also helpful for those who suffer from limited mobility. Trying to use dental floss if you have joint problems is more frustrating than helpful. Hence, elderly folks might appreciate the convenience of an interdental brush to clean their teeth. Of course, there are those who don’t like to floss at all.

Finding the best interdental brush won’t be easy. This is because of the numerous brands selling this particular product. Even so, we highlight the top products featured in this category. Check out what each one has to offer.

DenTek Slim Brush, Professional Interdental Cleaners

DenTek Slim Brush, Professional Interdental Cleaners, Tight Teeth, Mouthwash Mint, 32 Count

The slimness of the DenTek Slim Brush Professional Interdental Cleaners is what makes this product a popular choice among users. Its tapered end is designed for tight teeth. Hence, it’s an ideal choice if you wear braces.

The comfort wire of the DenTek Slim Brush Professional Interdental Cleaners lets you bend it so that it can reach the teeth and gums better. Moreover, its handle is flexible so you can adjust it accordingly.

This particular product is disposable. Its size is ideal for traveling. So, you can continue to care for your teeth and gums even while you’re away from home. The DenTek Slim Brush Professional Interdental Cleaners also has a cool mint flavor giving you added freshness in your mouth.

The product is sold in a single pack containing 32 pieces. You can also get it in packs of 4 with each pack containing 32 pieces. The price varies per size.

DenTek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners

DenTek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners, Mint 16 ea ( Pack of 6 )

Choosing the DenTek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners would be the best decision you’ll make for your dental health care. Indeed, this is a great find as you get a thorough clean with every use. Its advanced fluoride coating is another bonus that you can expect to get.

Characteristic of the DenTek brand, this variant has a tapered brush. It’s durable and fits into tight areas easily. Hence, you can use it if you have braces or retainers. Its wire is bendable so you can adjust it for a better reach. The handle is durable and won’t move around even when it’s bent.

The DenTek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners is reusable. Each brush comes with its own cap. After use, rinse the brush well then cover before storing. Dispose of the brush once the bristles are worn. The product is sold in five sizes. Choose between a pack of 10, a pack of 12, the DenTek Easy Brush 16 ct – 2 pk, Mint 16 ea (pack of 5), or the Mint 16 ea (pack of 6). The price varies depending on size.

Gum Go Between Cleaner Tight


If you want an effective product, you might want to check out the Gum Go Between Cleaner Tight. It’s easy to use and is a practical option to flossing. You’ll appreciate it a lot once you get the thumbs up from your dentist during your next visit. Chances are your prophylaxis treatment won’t take twice as long to finish.

The Gum Go Between Cleaner Tight’s bristles is coated with antibacterial protection. This gives you greater ability to remove plaque in your teeth. You can expect to get rid of as much as 25% plaque. It has a sturdy flexible handle. This means you don’t have to worry about it bending or breaking while you’re using it. Hence, you’re guaranteed you’ve got a solid product in your hands.

The product is sold in three sizes. Choose either a pack of 3, an 8 count (pack of 6), or an 8 count (pack of 12). Keep in mind the price varies for each size.

Sunstar GUM Soft-picks with Convenient Travel Cases

Sunstar GUM Soft-picks with Convenient Travel Cases, 3 Packs, 210 Picks

The Sunstar GUM Soft-picks with Convenient Travel Cases is recommended by dental professionals so you can get an expert clean wherever you are. Its packaging makes it handy to take along with you whether you’re traveling near or far.

The Sunstar GUM Soft-picks are equipped with 76 bristles made of rubber. It effectively massages and stimulates the gums. In contrast to other interdental brushes, the tip of this product is wire free and tapered. Even so, it does a good job of getting food out of your teeth.

You can use the Sunstar GUM Soft-picks if you have bridges, crowns, implants or even orthodontics.

Piksters Interdental Brush

Piksters Interdental Brush Pack Of 40 Ultra Fine Size 00 Pink

With the Piksters Interdental Brush, you’re guaranteed to get an efficient clean every time. This product uses extra strong PA612 bristles. Thus, you can be sure these won’t bend or buckle when you use it. Moreover, these last longer compared to other interdental brushes offered in the market.

Imagine having a very tiny toothbrush in your hand. It’s helpful for cleaning teeth that your regular toothbrush can’t reach. This particular variant is size 00 so it’s ultra fine to get into tight spaces.

Piksters Interdental Brush is available in nine sizes. You can choose from sizes 0, 00, 1 up to size 7. Each pack has 40 brushes contained in a resealable case. Thus, you can keep it in your bag and take it with you when you go out. It’s handy for a quick clean in the restroom. Each brush comes with a cap that you can attach to the handle to extend its length.

What to look for

We highlight the factors you should keep in mind when you’re looking for an interdental brush. With so many choices in the market, you need to know how to differentiate one from the other. In this manner, you get the best interdental brush that meets your specific needs.

  • Size – Interdental brushes are available in different sizes. In this aspect, you need to consider the size of the gap between your teeth. Moreover, keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all. If you have smaller gaps, choose a small sized interdental brush. More importantly, avoid the temptation of forcing the brush in the gap or else you will end up hurting yourself. So instead of benefitting from it, you’ll end up having bigger problems if you injure your gums. As a guide, you can get an SS or SSS sized interdental brush if your teeth gaps are narrow. Get an S size if your teeth are crooked or if mild gum recession is already present. An M size interdental brush can be used for dental bridges. If possible, consult your dental professional about the best size of interdental brush for your teeth.
  • Reusable or disposable – The choice of getting a reusable or disposable interdental brush is a matter of personal preference. Disposable interdental brushes would be ideal when you’re traveling. This is particularly helpful if you’re in a place where clean water isn’t as accessible. Reusable interdental brushes might be ideal for home use. Then again, if you can’t imagine reusing it, then you can opt for the disposable kind.
  • Bristles – Check the quality of the bristles. Make sure these are soft so it won’t hurt your gums. At the same time, it should be sturdy and properly attached so as not to fall apart while using it.
  • Flexibility – It’s best to choose a product that offers flexibility. This means you can adjust the interdental brush and handle to a position that makes it easier to reach the back teeth easily.
  • Added features – Check what else the interdental brush can provide. Some products come with added antibacterial protection. While others have flavor, so you get a fresh minty feeling after every use.


Choosing the best interdental brush will let you bring out your biggest smile. Thus, it’s important to choose wisely. To help you make the right choice, always keep in mind these factors so you know what to look for. Evaluate an interdental brush based on size and its bristles. In addition, does the product offer any added features and is it easy to bend to help you get to those hard to reach places? At the same, assess your own needs. Do you want an interdental brush that’s disposable? Or are you willing to use a reusable one?

An interdental brush that can meet these factors will likely be the best option for you. To help you further, it’s a good idea to check out these top products. One of these might have the qualities you’re looking for in the best interdental brush.

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