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One of the most favorite past times of many individuals across the globe is camping. With all the technological advancements and urban highlights erected within different areas of large metropolises, it’s easy to see why many people want to escape all the hustle-and-bustle of modern city living. However, don’t just pack up your things for an outdoor adventure without considering the use of an instant tent. You still need a roof over your heads, especially if there’s a chance of rain.

Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent

If you want high-quality camping gear, then you’ve definitely heard of the Coleman brand. The Coleman 2000018295 Instant Tent comes constructed with a 150D durable material, and it has a very spacious interior as you can even fit two queen airbeds inside it. It also has large screened doors and windows to provide the right amount of ventilation while properly keeping the bugs outside.

CORE Instant Cabin Tent

The CORE Instant Cabin Tent is famous for its quick and easy setup procedures. With its simple setup methods, you can prop this tent up in a matter of 60-seconds. It also makes use of the brand’s H2O Block Technology to keep the rain at bay so you don’t have to worry about leaks. The package also comes with a gear loft with lantern hook, as well as a large wall organizer to keep items away from the tent floor.

ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent

The ZOMAKE Pop Up Tent is a very spacious instant tent as it can fit 3 to 4 people without any problem. Camping enthusiasts can make use of this product with its well-ventilated 2 doors and 2 windows. There’s also a skylight area so you can gaze upon the stars right before you head to sleep at night.

What to Look For?

Before looking at the other factors of an instant tent, you should think about the sleeping capacity. Check how many people are going to fit inside the tent. If you’re going on an outdoor adventure all by your lonesome, then a tent that has ample room for your items should suffice. However, if you’re using a single tent for a group of people, then make sure to acquire an appropriately-sized tent for everyone to share.

Now that you’ve got the sleeping capacity factor considered, you should also look at the instant tent’s peak height. There are some variants that have a maximum height that allows people to stand up properly so you won’t have any problem changing clothes or enjoying the vast space of the interiors. In this regard, there are two types of instant tents available on the market: cabin and dome-style tents, wherein the former will have a large overall peak height and the latter will have wind-shedding characteristics.

Aside from looking at the top, you should also think about the bottom of the tent. The tent floor length should match the height of the people who’ll sleep inside the portable sleeping area. For example, if there’s going to be a tall person of over 6-feet in height who’ll sleep inside the tent, then consider an instant tent that’ll have a floor length of about 90-inches.

Lastly, you should look for other features when selecting an instant tent on the market, such as tent doors, the material used in the construction of the tent, and the size of the rainfly.


Instant tents remove the hassles of trying to pitch your own tent as these automated marvels will pitch on its own with the flip of a switch or with the push of a button. Just make sure that the instant tent is reliable enough to do the pitching on its own as some low-quality variants do exist on the market, and these might give you more trouble than they’re worth.

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