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Typing at night can be trouble as it is hard to see through those keys when it is dark. If you want to type quickly without turning on all your bedroom lights, it might be great too if you purchase the best illuminated keyboard. You can even give a gaming illuminate keyboard for the hardcore gamer in your life. There are different types of illuminated keyboard. Some illuminated keyboards are wired while other illuminated keyboards are wireless. However, we have decided to review three different types of illuminated keyboards to minimize your confusion when buying an illuminated keyboard of your own.

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

The first illuminated keyboard that we have tried is the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800, which allows you to type faster even during the night. Moreover, you can use this with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Additionally, it employs the PerfectStroke key system that allows for a quick and comfortable typing. You would not need any batteries to begin operating this keyboard, but you can charge it with the use of the universal micro-USB cable. This also employs 2.4 GHz wireless connection with the use of the Unifying receiver that is integrated into your computer, which allows it to be easily paired with other Logitech devices.

Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard (KB505U)

The next illuminated keyboard is wired and is powered by the USB plug-and-play system. In addition to this, the cord on this keyboard is 5 feet long. The Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard has easy to read keys to ensure quicker typing and better gaming. This employs a tri-color backlight that can come in red, blue, or purple. On one hand, you can also get the five color backlight keyboard, in which you can pick between the Red, Pink, Blue, Cyan, Chartreuse colors and you can adjust the brightness of the illumination. Moreover, it also comes with an integrated multimedia and quick-access hotkeys.

Logitech Illuminated Thin Keyboard K740

Our final illuminated keyboard is compact and lightweight and it is compatible with the Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. The Logitech Illuminated Thin Keyboard K740 uses a laser-etched backlit key, which you can adjust the brightness of the light manually. The colors are bright enough to ensure a better gaming experience. Moreover, you can see the keys on the keyboard accurately even if you are typing during the night. Similar to most Logitech illuminated keyboard, this model uses the Logitech PerfectStroke key system that comes with a soft touch palm rest for added comfort. It is a wired keyboard with a rather lengthy cord for your convenience.


There are other illuminated keyboard brands on the market. Apart from the choice between a wired keyboard and a wireless model, you must also be able to choose a keyboard that lights up brightly. The best illuminated keyboard will help in the accuracy of typing even when the lights are off during the night. While you can’t expect an illuminated keyboard to light up your room, it must be able to allow you to see the keys more clearly. In addition to this, you must pick an illuminated keyboard that offers supreme quality and great value for the money.

And that sums up our review for the best illuminated keyboard…

Our choice for the best illuminated keyboard is the Azio Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Wired Keyboard.

It is a cheaper model, but it performed great. This is why it provides the best value for the money and it maximizes your purchase. Since it is a wired illuminated keyboard, you may feel burdened by the cord attached to it, but it will guarantee that the keyboard will always work once the USB is plugged in. It also lights up well in the dark, but not bright enough to light an entire room. Compared with a wireless keyboard, you do not need to pair up your laptop with the illuminated keyboard, which can sometimes be troublesome for the user.

With that, our review has come to an end. We hope that we have helped you pick the best illuminated keyboard that you can use for gaming or typing.

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